How to Replace iTunes with CopyTrans Manager

I’ve inherited several iPods from my husband. He has graduated to an iTouch, leaving me with several Nanos that he no longer wants. I decided to put my Christmas music on the smaller size one, and the rest of my music on the other. I downloaded iTunes onto my computer. The installation took quite a long time, and installed a lot of other things on my computer as well. Then I discovered that iTunes wouldn’t let me put the music from the iPods into my iTunes, so I went through all the steps that would transfer the music from my husbands computer to my computer into my iTunes.

This took me most of the evening to figure out, and when I was done, well, I was tired and I still didn’t have everything working right. I plan on buying a new computer soon, and I didn’t want to go through this whole thing again, so the next day I went online and searched for an easier way to manage my music. I came across a free program called CopyTrans Manager . The simplicity of it is that the program  resides right on your iPod, and you can use your iPod on any computer without having to use iTunes.

Once I had my iPod humming along with CopyTrans Manager, I removed iTunes, and all the other little programs it had installed. Then I realized that I couldn’t play iTunes music on my computer, because my computer doesn’t have the codecs to play AAC (M4A) files. So I downloaded and installed the correct codecs from Orban. Now I can play AAC files while my iPod is connected to my computer.

All that I am missing is the ability to convert MP3 or Wav files into AAC files. Which, of course, iTunes can do. But iTunes is on my husbands computer, so he can do that if I need it.

I certainly understand all the benefits of using iTunes.  I just don’t want to live with all the limitations the program also imposes. So I prefer the simplicity of a program like CopyTrans Manager.

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  1. I am joined at the hip with I-tunes. I don’t have an I-pod or I-pad, I’m an Android ( just call me Al2 D2). But due to my hearing impairment I cannot understand talk shows or books on tape anymorewhile traveling in the car. Only music, and just familiar ones at that. I have spent over $600 with I-tunes downloading songs onto a miniature USB player. I now have 550 of my all-time favorites to listen to as I drive. I could take a 28 hour non-stop road trip and never hear the same song twice. Hey, isn’t that about the time it would take me to get to your AZ hacienda? What time’s dinner?


    1. Dinner is usually at 6PMish, but the kitchen is always open!
      My husband loaded all his iTunes stuff onto the hard drive on the JEEP. Like you, we could drive from Alberta to Arizona without hearing the same song twice.
      This trip we took Sadie, a 14 year old Mercedes SL500 with a 6 pack CD player buried deep in the trunk, and no way to plug in any music device. We drove in silence a lot after we got tired of the music selections.


    1. Perhaps you could help me out Faye. How did you find this post of mine about CopyTrans? I wrote it in 2009. For the past few months, many of my regular WordPress readers are leaving comments on very old posts. I’m also getting multiple views on URL’s that are revisions of posts – which the reader can’t actually view, so they are told there is nothing there for them to see.

      WordPress is at a loss to explain what is happening, but it seems to me like some of my old posts are showing up in the WordPress Reader as though they are new posts. So maybe you can shed some light on how you (and Al) stumbled on this post.

      By the way, it looks like CopyTrans is still being actively updated and distributed, which makes the post still relevent.

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        1. I’m glad I finally asked folks like you what is going on! I’m not recycling things, but for some reason WordPress is. They also aren’t putting my new posts on the Reader, which explains why so few people are reading them!

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      1. Like Faye, I just saw it in the reader. I have been noticing a lot of reposted article from you. Wondered if it was intentional. You need to get on WordPress about fixing this!


        1. The WordPress Reader is putting up my old posts but not putting up my new posts. I’m going back now to see how long this has been going on. Glad I finally asked folks like you what is going on at your end!


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