Programs Compatible with Windows 7

Windows 7 has an excellent Compatibility site that lets you know which programs and hardware will work with this OS.

I installed Office 2003 with no problem at all. My version is an upgrade. All I had to do was insert the installation disc for Office 2003. Eventually I had to put in the installation disc for my original old copy of Office 97. Once that was verified, I put in the Office 2003 disc again, and proceeded.

– I wanted a color picker, and found one called Just Color Picker. It is freeware, and easy to use.

– I use Adobe Photoshop Elements. The version I have is not compatible with Windows 7. My only recourse is to buy a new version. I’ll do that eventually, I suppose, but in the meantime I’ve downloaded Paint.NET,  a freeware program (that appreciates donations). It edits and manipulates images but is not as powerful as Adobe’s programs. After playing around with Paint.NET for a while, I decided I missed PSElements, so I downloaded the free trial copy. Don’t even try to do this unless you have high speed internet. Even with high speed, the download took over an hour. My free trial period is almost over – time to pay up!

– I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my email.  On my old computer, I opened Thunderbird and selected Tools-Address Book. When the Address Book was open, I selected Tools-Export. I exported the address book as an LDIF file and saved the file on my USB Stick. Then I closed down Thunderbird and navigated to my Thunderbird mail folder and copied the appropriate mail folders to my USB stick. On my new computer I downloaded and started Thunderbird 3. I politely asked it to import my address book from the LDIF file. Then I closed the program down, and navigated to my Thunderbird mail folder. Once I found it, I copied my mail box from my USB stick.

– I keep track of the family finances on Quicken. Unfortunately, I am still using the 2000 version, and apparently it isn’t compatible with Windows 7. I was tempted to migrate to a new version of Quicken, but I couldn’t find any confirmation that the newest version would import my Quicken 2000 files very easily. I decided to migrate my data to Excel instead. I opened up my file in Quicken, and created a report with all the information I wanted to export. If you do this, be sure to tell Quicken that you want to show the full contents of split transactions.  Then I told the program that I wanted to print the file. In the print options I chose to send my data to a tab delimited text file. Then I opened Excel, and imported the text file. I tidied things up for awhile, and created a new column for the running balances. Then I checked to make sure that my Excel balances matched my Quicken balances.  Next, I will link the Excel spreadsheets to an Access database, where I will create reports to my hearts content. If I didn’t speak Access Database fluently, and I didn’t know how to navigate my way around an Excel spreadsheet, I would have bought the new version of Quicken and vowed to update to newer versions much more often…

There, I'm finished. Now it is your turn:

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