Sony VAIO VGN-AW420D Laptop Computer

When I started looking for a new computer, I contemplated buying a Mac rather than a PC. I eventually chose the PC for several reasons, not the least of which was the cost difference. The  Sony VAIO notebook I was considering was about $1500 (Can) cheaper than a MacBook Pro with similar configuration.  I knew that most of my software would still work with Windows 7, but I would have had to buy MS Office for the Mac. Also, I wanted a really big monitor…

So my Laptop  choice was a Sony VGN-AW420D with an 18.4 inch generic PnP Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT. The resolution is 1680 by 945 pixels. This monitor gives me lots of real estate to view several programs simultaneously. Like most new computers, the  screen is fairly shiny. This results in reflections in very bright light conditions, but in regular indoor daylight lighting it is fine. The screen is significantly wider than it is high, so I moved my task bar to the side of the screen. This gives me an extra 1/2 inch of usable screen on the bottom. For surfing the internet, I would prefer a screen that is taller instead of wider…

My only complaint so far is the Keyboard of the model I have. Sony added an extra key on the right hand side between the apostrophe and the enter key. Likewise on the left side between the “z” and the shift key. This has thrown me off kilter a bit. The keyboard also has a number pad on the right. This arrangement means I have to sit slightly left of the centre of the screen in order to type properly. But I do love the number pad for entering, well, numbers.

The AW weighs just over 8 pounds. I don’t mind the weight, because I don’t plan on lugging it around the world. I did take it on a road trip this past week, and it barely fit in the rollie case that came with the my other VAIO. I’d need to buy a new big case if I wanted my away-from-home office to fit in one bag.

My VAIO has an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU – T6600 @ 2.20 GHz. The System memory is 4 GBytes and the Cache Memory is 2 MBytes. The OS is Microsoft Windows 7 Premium. I’m very happy with the performance of the  AW. It doesn’t seem to matter how many programs I open simultaneously –  the computer doesn’t seem to slow down at all. And I love Windows 7.

The AW has  290 GB of usable space on the Hard Drive. That is more than enough space for my needs. Our family is big on using external hard drives. We have one with our music on it, and another with our photos. That gives us plug-and-go flexibility between computers, no matter where we are.

For now, this computer fits my needs. In a few years, there will be a better, faster, cheaper computer out there and I’ll repurpose this computer and buy a new daily driver.

There is no such thing as a perfect computer, because there is no such thing as a perfect user…

4 thoughts on “Sony VAIO VGN-AW420D Laptop Computer

  1. Yes, I too have moved into this Sony notebook, and find it extremely easy on the eyes. The larger screen is something I never get tired of (especially as I get older) and I have struggled to adapt my typing habits as this keyboard does present some challenges. Having worked on HP machines exclusively fro the past 8 years, I obviously developed some physical habits that this new Sony dopesn’t agree with. However, I think of it as continuing to learn and you need to do that at ANY age.

    The processor is average speed, but the price was also average and considering the screen, I felt it was a bargain. I worked the salesguy hard and scored my BRAND NEW, fully warrantied machine for under $800. I great deal by any stretch.


    1. On any given day, the first words I type on this keyboard will likely say: “Tpdau ot os smpwomg” before I realize that my right hand is closer to the Enter key than what the keyboard says it should be. Other then that, I’m quite happy with the computer. You got yours for a great price!


  2. Indeed, another 2 months have passed and I’m quite comfortable with the Sony keyboard now…no complaints really. I did have a few challenges with the camera. I do use Skype to keep up with family members but the camera seemed hell bent on working only it felt inclined. I reloaded and re-enabled drivers numerous time until I finally won the argument. Sony wasn’t as helpful as they would have you believe, partly I guess because this machine is no longer current and partly because, well, they got their money and they don’t have to be helpful. They’re no Mac Store that’s for sure. All in all however, this machine’s capabilities are far beyond anything I’ve owned prior and I do like it. I would recommend it if a friend was looking…


    1. I’ve had my Sony just over a year now, and don’t regret the purchase at all. I haven’t used the camera, so don’t know if it is a problem child or not! I also haven’t had to deal with the Sony folks. I bought my computer from London Drugs, so for the first year I believe they would have been the ones to fix things. After that time period, I would have taken it directly to Westpeak Electronics Services, who have been very helpful in the past.


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