Internet Security – Microsoft, Norton, Webroot

My new computer in 2009 (Sony) came with a one month subscription to Norton Internet Security. When the subscription was almost over, I pondered the decision as to whether I would renew the subscription, or look for another type of security. I was rather hoping I would find a security suite that was, well, free. It annoys me to have to pay a company to perform a service that should be part of the system that operates my computer.

It seems to me that buying a computer should be like buying a car. Both should come with a basic security system. My car came with seat belts, air bags and an alarm system. My computer should come with a built-in safe way to browse the internet and read my emails!

Then I found Microsoft Security Essentials.  I read a number of reviews about it, and though it has some detractors, on the whole the verdict seemed to be that it is a good product. It certainly didn’t have all the bells and whistles of many other products, but if I just want something to guard against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software, this software appeared to be up to the task. The Microsoft Malware Protection Center is a good resource for security information.

Norton eventually came out with a well priced package that covered three computers. I switched from free to paid, and used Norton for a number of years.

My newest laptop is a Lenovo that I bought from Best Buy. They recommended using Webroot, along with a fairly cheap subscription for help from the Geek Squad.  This appealed to me because I had just recently had a problem with my Norton product crashing.

I really don’t know if one product is all that better than another – but I do believe it is very important that every computer has up to date protection.

2 thoughts on “Internet Security – Microsoft, Norton, Webroot

  1. Greetings,
    FYI, AVG is a free antivirus program and can be easily downloaded and installed on your computer.. That’s what I use and have been for about a year.. Just Google it and will have its home site displayed if you’re interested.. Again, FYI, only in case you have problems with the one mentioned above..


    1. AV Test is an organization that does independent tests of internet security products.
      Microsoft Security Essentials scored reasonably well in the first quarter of 2010, but not as well as the year progressed. New version is due out soon.
      AVG is also tested, but I believe it is the paid version, not the free version.
      I think the most important point is that everyone should use Internet Security of some type. I think the free versions will provide adequate security, in conjunction with the built in features of operating system firewalls, email programs and internet browsers.


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