Managaing Fonts in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a Font Viewer and Management program that will likely be adequate for many users.

To View the fonts installed on your computer, open the “Control Panel”. Turn on “View by: Small icons” and then click on “Fonts”. This opens the Fonts Viewer. There are three main tool bar areas available to view and adjust font settings. The first is the usual “File-Edit-View-Tools-Help” Toolbar across the top. Down the left side of the page are shortcuts to a number of settings related to text. Just above the fonts themselves is an “Organize” ribbon that will show more options once you click on a font.

In the “View” menu, click on “Medium, Large or Extra Large Icons” to see a thumbnail preview of the font. Each thumbnail has 3 characters displayed. Fonts in a combined set appear as one font in a stack. You can click on the stack to view the fonts in that stack.

Click on “Font Settings” to show or hide fonts based on the keyboard installed on your computer. (Click on “Text Services and Input Language” to view your keyboard settings.) Any font or group of fonts can be hidden by highlighting them and then clicking on “Hide”. Hidden fonts will not appear on the dropdown menu of programs like WordPad, Word and Paint.Net, but might appear in other programs that do not support the hidden fonts feature. (The dropdown menu in WordPad has a “show more fonts” item at the end of the list. This takes you to the Fonts program, where you can unhide a font.)

You can view, sort and group fonts in a number of ways by opening the dropdown list in “View”.

Install and Delete Fonts
You can see uninstalled fonts in Windows Explorer too. The easiest way to install a font is to right click it in Windows Explorer, and choose “Install”. You can also drag the fonts to the font folder.

You can delete fonts in the Fonts Program by right clicking on the font and choosing “Delete”.

Windows 7 includes a large number of foreign language fonts that you might not think you want. But Windows wants them, and will not let you delete any font it deems necessary. Your fallback position is to select “Hide” in the Fonts Management Program.

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