How to Prevent Mouse Fingeritis

I’m not sure there is actually a malady called Mouse Fingeritis. I’ve seen a post for plain “fingeritis” which is described as extreme pain in the finger tips, caused by typing on a too rigid keyboard. Mouse Fingeritis, then would be a pain along the length of the finger caused by a too rigid mouse. At least, that is how I would describe it.

I partially solved the problem by searching around until I found a mouse that takes very little pressure to click. I also found it helped to tape the finger with elastic bandage before I started working on the computer. Apparently this reduced the incidence of inflammation, and thus reduced the pain.

The elastic bandage was inconvenient and bulky, so I made a trip to the pharmacy to see what else might work. In the brace section, there were support systems for all sorts of body parts, the knee being the most popular. But nothing for fingers. So I moved over to the bandage section. There were a variety of finger splints, but these were too bulky and would have made typing very difficult. Eventually I came across a package of little round gauze things called FingerBob. They seemed worth a try, so I bought a pack and brought them home.

I followed the simple instructions, and with a little work ended up with a slick little tube, two layers thick, to encase the offending finger. I decided to try using two fingerbobs, one on top of the other, and that worked too. No more pain, as long as I use it the whole time I am mousing.

I am right handed, but have carpel tunnel, or some similar malady. Years ago I quit using my mouse with my right hand because my fingers would go numb. It took a while to become proficient mousing with my left hand. I had to develop a left hand dexterity I didn’t previously have, and I had to convince my brain to accept this interesting turn of events.  I didn’t switch buttons for the mouse either, because I share it with family members who are right handed mouse users.

Who would have thought computers can be so hazardous?

There, I'm finished. Now it is your turn:

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