Mac vs PC – A Sony Track Record

logo Mac WindowsMy Dad (Mac Dad) and my Father-in-law are both in their 80’s, and are avid computer users. One is a Mac man, and one is a PC Man. Mr. PC uses his computer primarily to read mail, surf the net and play card games. Mr. Mac uses his computer for the same things, but also to manipulate digital images. I am a few decades younger than either of them, and I use a computer for the reasons they do, and a whole lot more. I think the computer is a great tool for keeping the mind young and alert, especially as we age!

At our house, a Mac user is said to have gone over to the dark side. But in reality, Macs and PCs aren’t really that much different anymore. The biggest difference is, of course, that there are so many PC manufacturers to choose from.

We happen to have had great luck with Sony VAIO computers, so that is what we bought for about 14 years. mac vspcThe first Sony laptop accompanied me on trips all over the world and never complained a bit.  My husband bought Sony #2, a PCG-GRT40 ZP. It was a very nice computer with an excellent monitor, but it is very heavy. About the time I started to think about a newer, faster replacement computer for myself, Sony #1 crashed. I presented it to my son-in-law, who put a new drive and battery in it, and away it went again. I bought Sony #3, a light and speedy VGN-FE7806.  I was, however, feeling sorry for my husband, who was dragging the PCG back and forth to Europe every month. As I said, it is a HEAVY machine. So we traded computers. I liked the PCG with it’s big square monitor, but when it was 6 years old it was becoming overwhelmed with multi-tasking. It was time for a new computer and I chose one of the largest laptops Sony made. I loved the big screen!

When it was time to replace it, Sony had sold its PC business to the investment firm Japan Industrial Partners. I decided to switch to a light and speedy Lenovo Yoga Pro-1370 running Windows 10.

I really can’t see myself switching to a Mac. The proprietary attitude of Apple just doesn’t sit well with me.

Hi, I’m a Mac and I’m a PC and since all you do is look at LOLCATS and Facebook, we’re functionally identical.

There, I'm finished. Now it is your turn:

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