Power of Grey Hair

My Grey Locks and Silver Strands

A growing number of women are embracing the Power of Grey Hair.

In an article titled The Silver Tsunami, the author suggests this about gray hair:

“It allows the wearer, when walking into the room, to subliminally convey the notion: ‘You think growing older is a bad thing? Think again.’”

The article goes on to discuss the fact that grey haired women are wearing radically younger hair styles:

“In fact, it is wearing exactly those unexpected-after-40-or-50 cuts that make gray hair less of a symbol of aging and more one of confidence and power.”

Catherine Cleary in an article in The Irish Times titled Grey Pride tells her story:

“I stopped out of curiosity, boredom and a desire to be different, to resist what is expected of a woman turning the corner into 40.”

Mia Gallagher believes our fear of mortality is behind the fear of ageing and treating ageing as a disease that can be cured with potions:

“If ageing is a disease then life is a disease.”

Ruth Sutherland in The Observer article To Dye or Not says:

“Wherever you stand on follicles as a feminist issue, a woman who opts for grey liberation is making a statement. She is saying: ‘I’m relaxed and comfortable about ageing.’ That’s pretty brave, because there are precious few grey-haired female role models.”

The Oprah Magazine weighs in with an article called The Gray Hair Bible:

“But a growing number of women—courageous, rebellious, or just exhausted by the tedium of coloring—are going brazenly, vividly gray.”

There are far fewer web sites that embrace grey hair than there are sites that tell you how to get rid of grey hair. Clearly the Grey Hair Crusade for Women is in it’s infancy…

7 thoughts on “Power of Grey Hair

  1. I feel so much better after reading this. People keep telling me I should color my hair, but I’m just too darn lazy. I’ve got so much more important things in my life to do. However, I do try to keep the style looking young. Thanks for a great post! 🙂


    1. I’m glad to hear you understand that you are the only one who should have an opinion about your hair!


  2. I like the tone of your article and the others on the ‘Abouts’

    I guess the answer is to ‘follow the money’ – somewhere, someone is making hay on the strength of other people’s insecurities.

    By the way, in Scotland – at least in Edinburgh – there are more grey-haired people than I have ever seen anywhere. To sit on a bus and glance down the rows of seats in front is to see a sea of grey heads – men and women alike.


    1. It is refreshing to hear that grey hair is normal somewhere. I think the ‘anti-grey’ movement is more of a North American thing.
      I also don’t think our youth values their elders. It is unfortunate that us ‘older folks’ won’t be around when those youths discover that looking ‘elder’ does not mean feeling any older. We had dinner with a group of friends the other evening and one of the women asked, “Do you feel ‘older’? (We are all over 60, some pushing 70.) We all agreed that our ages are just a number. We could also remember when we thought that people who were over 60 were ‘old folks’! Now, of course, our parents are the ‘old folks’!


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