Kitchen Reno – An Induction Cooktop

Our 30 year old Jenn-Air Cooktop is on its last legs. When I ask it to heat, it has to think long and hard before it comes to work. I decided to replace it with an Induction Cooktop. Induction cooking is an established technology in many countries, but is a relatively new choice for homeowners in North America.

I found information on 19 Induction Cooktops that were apparently available from retailers such as The Brick, Home Depot, IKEA, Sears, and two local dealers. The Manufacturers included Bosch, Electrolux, GE, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Miele, Thermador, Viking, Whirlpool, and Wolf.

I wanted at least one burner that was 10 to 11 inches in size. That eliminated these cooktops:

  • Viking VICU206-4BSB
  • Electrolux EW301C601S
  • Wolf CT30IU
  • Wolf CT30VS
  • Whirlpool GCI3061XB

I wanted one large burner at the back and one large one at the front. I didn’t want both large burners at the front. That eliminated:

  • Kenmore MD C970-40823

I eliminated these ones because they cost more than what I wanted to pay:

  • Miele MasterChef
  • GE Monogram
  • Bosch 800 Series
  • Jenn-Air JE10430ADS
  • KitchenAid KICU500XSS
  • Thermador CIT304GB
  • KitchenAid Architect Series

I also eliminated these ones for lack of information, or other features that I didn’t want or like:

  • Bosch 300 Series
  • GE Profile
  • Electrolux E301C801S

With two to choose from, I went to visit:

  • LG LCE30845
  • Bosch NIT5065UC
Bosch 5065

I ended up ordering the Bosch 500 Series. What I like about the Bosch  is the way you choose the heat setting. Most cooktops have a plus/minus pad that you tap repeatedly to move up or down the range of temperatures. The Bosch has a bar with numbers on it, so you tap the number  for the heat setting you want. Bosch makes two other cooktops, one with more features than this one, and one with fewer features.  Sort of a Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. I chose the Mama Bear.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Reno – An Induction Cooktop

  1. We’re considering moving to induction so your post was useful to us. Now that you’ve been using it for a couple of months, any further feelings about it? Did you have to buy new cookware?


    1. The quick answer to your questions – I like the cooktop, and yes, I had to buy new cookware.
      I wouldn’t trade in my new cooktop for any other kind, but that is not to say there hasn’t been a learning curve. My Bosch sometimes has a mind of it’s own, and flatly refuses to turn on if the pot is too much smaller than the burner. When that happens, I have to put the pot on a smaller burner.
      I’m still figuring out which heat setting is best for certain sets of ingredients, and certain pan sizes.
      Induction cooking is faster than my old cooktop, so I have to have the ingredients ready before I put the pan on the element and turn it on.

      Click on my category called Kitchen Things and you can read some more about my thoughts on using the cooktop, and on pots and pans.


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