Kitchen Cart Cutting Board – Reno Continued

IKEA Bekvam
IKEA Bekvam

The Kitchen Reno is progressing relatively smoothly. That is because nothing has actually happened yet. No, that is not entirely true. We raised a small table height piece of counter up to match the height of the rest of the counter, resulting in a larger peninsula.

I also wanted to add a free standing Cutting Block to the kitchen, so carefully measured out the exact right size. With measurements in hand, I approached my Spousal Unit and asked him how long it would take him and his dad to make it for me. With a grunt that suggested Hell might freeze over first, he then suggested I look for a premade one.

I was somewhat skeptical that I would find what I wanted – 18 inches wide by 24 inches long by 34 inches high. The absolutely perfect size. Much to my surprise, one of the first carts that popped up on the internet was almost the perfect size -the IKEA Bekvam – 19 5/8 inches wide by 23 5/8 inches long by 33 1/2 inches high.

This was a no-brainer purchase. It took me about an hour to assemble the cart, including the time I spent putting on multiple coats of IKEA’s food safe oil, SKYDD, onto the butcher block surface – top, bottom and sides. Eventually I will replace the wheels with multi-direction wheels, and put a coat of stain on the rest of the cart. In the meantime the work surface is performing just as I hoped.

7 thoughts on “Kitchen Cart Cutting Board – Reno Continued

  1. Hi, Margie… It’s interesting that your cutting table has wheels and is thus movable. I’ve never before seen one with wheels. Whenever I see a cutting table, I’m reminded of the (massive) one which my dad had in the meat department of his grocery store… back in the 1940s and 1950s. Best of luck with Kitchen Reno. Bill


    1. It will be even better when I get the new multi-directional wheels (with a wheel lock, of course). Then it will be much easier to roll it over to the sink to wash the veggies, then over to the cooktop to shovel said veggies into a pot. Then back to the sink for a clean up, and then home to the “parking garage” under the eating bar. But the absolute best part about the cutting table, is that it is about 2 inches lower in height than the counters. I am vertically disadvantaged, so the lower work height “evens the playing surface”, as it were.


    1. The Car Guy loves it when we are at the South House – opens up a whole world of shopping, and he doesn’t have to drive into Phoenix. Win-win!


  2. LOLOL on your husbands response. When I start talking house things my husband gets this really pained look and I have a feeling he is thinking the same thing about the “hot place”.
    I really do like your IKEA cart!


    1. The Car Guy got that pained look again this week – I’m doing a reno in the laundry room and it needs a person who isn’t fearful of power tools and can cut moldings!

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