LEGO – Work and Play

One of my grandsons (Lego Lad) shares my passion for LEGO. Nothing pleases either of us more than a shiny new set of LEGO blocks. But while I prefer the sets that have little people with smiling faces, he likes the newer stern looking warriors.

When he comes to stay at the cabin, he can only pack so much LEGO. His mother insists that his suitcase be primarily devoted to mundane stuff like underwear and T-shirts. So he brings lots of LEGO people, and improvises the scenery and buildings. One morning I woke to find my kitchen counter had become a battle field. I named it the LEGO Fruit War. A large watermelon, all the apples, a few oranges and a banana had all been incorporated into an intricate battle scene. I half expected to find blobs of ketchup next to the fallen warriors…

On another occasion when we both had suitcases to unpack, I surprised him with a gift of a LEGO book. He thanked me for it, then proceeded to show me which LEGO he had brought on this trip. Then he looked at me expectantly and said, “So what LEGO did you bring?” I was surprised, but gratified, to think that my grandson would assume I would pack LEGO along with my toothbrush.

LEGO is not merely a child’s plaything. It has applications as unlimited as the minds that use it. I found this story about the Antikythera Mechanism today, and realized what a perfect construction media LEGO was for this project. And there is a blog called A LEGO a Day, with great photos and wonderful captions.

LEGO – it’s not just a toy for children and grandmas!

4 thoughts on “LEGO – Work and Play

  1. The writing teacher in me would want to ask him to write the story of the battle. What a wonderful connection LEGOs are for the two of you.

    I did not mean for that to be a pun. It just came out that way.


    1. My grandson has some learning challenges. Writing a story or drawing a picture would be torture for him! But give him a book, or a box of LEGO and he will keep himself occupied for hours.


  2. My sister recently had a job interview where the aplicants were all left in a room with lego to play with to see what their team spirit was like. 🙂
    She had a great time with the lego … but didn’t get the job.


    1. That would be a good way to gauge team spirit, wouldn’t it – as long as the participants knew that was what the goal was!


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