Christmas Tree Decorated with Memories – 2010

My Christmas Tree is my Memory Tree because most of the decorations were either purchased at places we have visited, been gifts from family and friends, or are crafts I have made.

My favourite ornament when I was a child was a this red and white dotted glass ball. Above it in this photo are thin slabs of wood that we cut from a fallen branch in our yard.

Many of the decorations were purchased from the places we have traveled to. When I decorate the tree, each of these ornaments is a pleasant reminder of a place we have visited. Others, like the stitched ball in the top right of the photo,  have been gifts from friends and family.

One fall I crocheted snowflakes for the tree. Each one was uniquely different – partly by design, and partly because I’m not all that proficient with a crochet hook.

In our house in England the bathrooms didn’t have light switches. They had pull cords. I bought these decorative  pull cord handles for the bottom of the cord, then repurposed them into Tree decorations.

I found this delightful wooden Moose at a border crossing Duty Free shop.

These Macaroni Angels are many years old. I made them before I had a glue gun – it was a tedious job to stick the parts together.

My cross stitch skills are pretty good. I can also cut and fold fabric, and pin it onto styrofoam balls.  A very time consuming project!

One of the grandchildren contributed this delightful little Hand Stitched Bird. Below the bird is one of the baubles from the John Deere collection.

The crochet bells were a big undertaking, and I abandoned further additions after bell #6.

The angels made from ribbon. This was a glue gun project – I burned my fingers many times and stopped after making 12 of them.

There, I'm finished. Now it is your turn:

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