1st Annivarsary of Blogging – Announcing My Blog to the Public

Many, many years ago I started a small town newsletter.  It was printed on 8.5 by 11 sheets of paper, and was run off on a hand cranked Gestetner mimeograph machine. A group of faithful friends would gather after the sheets were printed – to collate and staple – we called it “Bend, Fold, Staple and Mutilate Night.” I sold enough advertising to pay for the materials and the postage. Everyone in town was given a copy.

Morning Coffee and a big city newspaper – cabin style.

Eventually a Company that wanted to publish a Real Newspaper arrived in town. My newsletter was going to become redundant. And because my newsletter was a volunteer society, I couldn’t legally sell the assets. The Real Newspaper offered to give me a job if I let them use my name and reputation.  I agreed, mostly because the job was only going to be one or two days a week, and it got me out of the house. I never  made any money personally from this job. My salary only paid for the babysitter I had to hire because I wasn’t at home to look after the kids. I learned a lot though, not the least of which was that the editor of the paper couldn’t write all that coherently. This was where I learned to ghostwrite, in such a way that the editor didn’t really know I’d done just a bit more than correct his spelling errors… Several years passed, I moved away, and the little Town Newspaper continued on without me. I stopped writing except for my Annual Christmas letter.

A year ago I started writing again and chose a WordPress Blog to “publish” me. It feels just like my newspaper days, except it is so much easier. No messy ink, no typesetter machines, no paper cuts. No deadlines. No Advertisers. No Readers – well, in the beginning there weren’t any. But I didn’t really care. I was too busy playing with words and themes to care whether anyone saw it. I didn’t even tell my family and friends what I was doing. I didn’t want to feel like I was writing for anyone but me.

A year has gone by, and I am ready to tell my family and friends that I have a blog. It feels a bit like the old days, where I invited the team to come over to assemble the newsletter. So here we go! Welcome to the Red House! Who brought the stapler?

6 thoughts on “1st Annivarsary of Blogging – Announcing My Blog to the Public

  1. Midge, I love your blog. Lovely chatty style and I always learn something. Great set-up…I could use some of that expertise. Look forward to more great reading.


  2. Margie..I am going to start a blog soon and was checking out the winning blogs that WordPress
    recommended…I’m so glad you were the second blog I started reading. The first blog was more photography and less writing, and I was saying to myself, that without photos, would a blog be interesting? So when I read your blog, you answered my question…YES…it certainly can be!

    So now let me say that your style of writing is comforting….you write like you are telling a story about life, and the things you say are reflective and down to earth. I thoroughly enjoy reading your entries and have transferred the link to my desktop so that when I’m just about ready to exit the computer after having read my emails, searched for stuff for my clients online and checked my bank account, I can now procrastinate from doing my chores just long enough to read another entry of yours!

    Thanks for the inspiration and e-cammarderie!!!!


    1. Hi Marie – I wasn’t aware that WordPress had recommended my blog, but I’m glad you found me that way. There are oodles of excellent bloggers in the WordPress world, and I’m sure you will find lots of blogs you enjoy.
      Let me know when you get your blog up and running. I will add it to my RSS feed reader which is my way of keeping track of the blogs that provide my e-camaraderie!


  3. thanks Margie..but you’ll hear from me a lot because I l o v e reading your blog…your’e a woman after my own heart! I would also love you to comment on my writing when I get it going…I have already set it up….it’s called August Hope but I haven’t really sat down to write yet, but I’ll email you when I have a few entries in. Quite a few email buddies have commented to me that I missed my calling and should have been a writer..well we’ll see about that., but I hope to take part in a few writing workshops on Long Island (where I hail from). They have the Long Island Writers Guild and I’m anxious to check it out. It’ll be another hat that I can now wear (along with the 7, 899 other hats that I adorn my emotional closet! )….some woman collect shoes and I collect hats….don’t ask even but certainly they’ll be topics to inspire I’m sure !!!! Well just got in and and am totally exhausted after a long day of doing nothing..well not exactly nothing….some picking up this thing and that, and then dinner with a sweet dear friend….but why do I feel like it’s naptime? It’s definitely an age thing I’m sure and can’t wait to read your entries on that topic….hope there is some humor there, otherwise I may take on drinking to dull the pain!! So take care Margie and we’ll talk soon!!!


    1. Hi Marie – Your comments don’t appear on my site right away because I have chosen to moderate them first.
      I’m sure you are going to have a good time setting up your blog when the time comes! You’ll find it is a fun way to exchange information with your email friends!


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