New Years Day – Thoughts, Not Resolutions

It’s a bit early to predict what 2011 is going to be like. But one thing I know for sure, my New Years Resolutions are not going to fail. I didn’t make any.

The QuipperyI did set myself a few tasks, though. The first one is to get my “Big Girl, All Dressed Up” Coat altered. If that proves unfeasible, I’ll send it off to Good Will. It is a nice, simple long black coat with a leather collar. Since I wore it last, a few years ago likely, it has changed. Or at least, the memory I have of the coat has changed. The once moderately padded shoulders now make me look like a football player. I seem as wide as I am tall. I will never be accused of being a fashion maven, but even I could sense that the coat and I no longer belong together.

Next – I’m going to be a bit more selective about which blogs I make comments on. Without even stating a preference for one side or the other, I have been called a peabrain in a debate between Meat Eaters and Vegetarians. I made a hasty retreat from the arena that battle was being fought in, and ambled over to the fridge for a piece of turkey and a stalk of celery…

It snowed again last night. Not enough to make driving treacherous. Just enough to do some more shoveling. Our winter, so far, has been quite cold and snowy. Last summer was chilly too – the summer that never quite happened. We could use some Global Warming out our way. Since the media switched to calling it Climate Change, our weather has gone to the dogs. When I discover a blog that debates the causes of Climate Change, I’m sure NOT going to add my comments. I don’t want to be called a peabrain again.

I don’t doubt that the climate is changing. I’m just not convinced that man made CO2 is the only cause.  I do support the idea that each and every person should be part of a movement to clean up the environment. I don’t, however, support the media’s fear mongering reports of extreme weather with claims that it supports global warming. Weather is not climate – which the Climate Change scientists are quick to point out when we have a cold winter and suggest the climate isn’t really warming at all. I also object to the way climate change supporters attack the people who question their science. The questioners have been given a blanket label of Deniers, though in reality, most of them don’t deny that the climate is changing. They just want to be part of a forum that discusses a position other than the worst case scenario.

Update New Years Day 2015:

The Stage West smorgasbord on New Years Eve – perhaps shushi and sashimi don’t appreciate the company of peking duck, shrimp and caesar salad. Or maybe rum balls and chocolate fudge torte don’t want to cozy up to members of the fish and fowl family. Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, in a large enough quantity, might not appreciate the bubbles from a glass or two of champagne. Or perhaps the whole lot of them would rest more comfortably if they weren’t shaken on the dance floor, then laid to rest about 5 hours after the host body would normally have been in bed.

The good news is, I should make a complete recovery, and I don’t doubt that the rest of 2015 should be much more pleasant than the very first day was.

3 thoughts on “New Years Day – Thoughts, Not Resolutions

  1. Great Post! I am not sure there is “Climate Change” or a new age attitude about crisis oriented media, hmmm…
    And I have been recycling, being “earthy” since the 60s so uh, I am always hopeful my footprint is making a difference.
    My biggest crusade lately is water. There are people who do not even have potable water. I am not sure what can be done but I am starting with awareness.
    Thanks for the post, loved it!


  2. Greetings Midge…
    Thanks for providing the link to your blog site in your news letter.. Loved the letter, and love the blog site.. Filled with wise, witty, and downright funny stuff.. Keep up the great work as the inspiration hits you..
    Say hi to the Car Guy… have a great 2011… and congrats on the 41st..
    p.s. If I’m not mistaken I just learned how to use RSS thanks to you and should now be subscribed to your blog site.. Great reading made even better because I know the person behind the words.. I can actually see you reciting in my minds eye…
    p.s.s. You’ll never be invisible to those who know you..


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