Reading Feeds from Your Favourite Websites

I talked about Feeds a few posts ago. Remember? If not, Feeds are a web sites way of sending out the message that they have new information that you might like to read. Think of a Feed as a Reminder Email.  RSS Feeds have been widely used on the internet for about 5 years, but I just recently decided to start using them. I don’t like to jump into things too early, in case they are just a fad. Look what happened when I bought that Betamax machine…

First passion of the Lux Canuck

I  have to give credit to Lux Canuck for pointing me in the right direction.  She is a super organized reader! Her advice was simple – Google Reader.  Since I respect her opinion, I decided to try this route. There are, of course, lots of ways to round up your Feeds and read them. Some of them use programs you might already have on your computer, like your email program or your web browser. Some are programs that you download. And some are Online Readers – you remember, the Cloud Computing thing I talked about recently.

Google Reader was an Online Reader. So yes, that meant you had to open a Google account, and then remember yet another Username or Password. But once you did that, all you had to do was add links to the Blogs or Newspapers you want to keep track of. The Reader acted just like your email program. Every time someone posted an update on one of the links you have told your feed reader to watch, that update popped up on your Reader page. Unfortunately, Google Reader is no more. There are many alternative readers out there. I moved my RSS Feeds to a program called Feedly. account holders will find that they have a Feed Reader built into their account – the WordPress Reader. I used it for a few weeks, but decided it didn’t have all the bells and whistles that  many other Feed Readers have.

Will this transform your life? Enrich it, perhaps? Simplify it, certainly. And here is how. Look at the list of web browser bookmarks you have carefully collected over the years. Would you like to know if they have new content? Are your really going to open each and every one of them to see if they have been updated? Many of those bookmarked sites will have Feeds… well you get the idea.

6 thoughts on “Reading Feeds from Your Favourite Websites

  1. Congratulations on the 100th post!

    I love Google Reader. I’d be lost without it. Right after checking the news online in the morning, I go through my reader. And your blog is going to be the latest addition to all the amazing blogs that I have on my list.

    Thank you so much for stopping by The Purple Journal, Margie. Have a nice day!


    1. Your are in (or is it on) my Google Reader too. I’ve enjoyed reading your stories. We lived in Qatar for 3 1/2 years, so much of what you talk about seems very familiar to me.


  2. Hey! Don’t forget the ‘de’. I’m not just Lux, I’m Delux! 🙂 Glad to have been of some small help. I also like to have my Google Reader on my iGoogle homepage which has all kinds of useful things on it: the weather here and in Edmonton (so I can gloat), Literary quotes of the day, etc. Computers are so much fun, but sometimes it’s hard to find a balance between time on and off the darn thing. It’s addicting!!


    1. Apologies. I didn’t want to reveal who you were in case you wanted to maintain your privacy. But if you are willing to let the world know that THE deluxcanuck is visiting my blog, who am I to argue! I found iGoogle before I tried Google Reader. The Unit Converter and the Currency Converter apps are very handy. I like the one that shows the Current Moon Phase too. I find the moon to be so unpredictable. It is handy to know what it is doing so I can anticipate any errant behaviour that might possibly be caused by the Full Moon.


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