Commenters – The Strong Silent Types

Break out the dark chocolate, I’ve reached another milestone in my blog. My posts have been viewed 3000 times! WordPress Site Stats keep track of these sorts of things, although the stats don’t tell me whether 30 people looked at each and every one of my 100 posts, or whether 3000 people looked at one post. Of course, 3000 views in just over a year is a miniscule number. Some bloggers get that number of views in a few hours.

The Quippery

My two most viewed posts are Induction Cooking – Pots and Pans and 1980 Corvette. Apparently those are hot topics in the blogging world…

The Strong Silent Types
Most of the 30 to 3000 people who have visited my blog are the Strong Silent Type. They don’t leave comments. My family is like that, so maybe most of my visitors are family members!

Though my observation skills are pretty good, I haven’t yet figured out how to see whether these visitors are wagging or nodding their heads!

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
– Abraham Lincoln –

Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.
– Napoleon Bonaparte –

3 thoughts on “Commenters – The Strong Silent Types

  1. Hi Margie, I literally just subscribed a few minutes ago and now have the honor (possibly) of being the first to read this brand new post. BTW, I am a commenter, so you should hear more from me down the road. Nice blog, lots of great stuff! Steve


    1. Yes, I think you are the first reader. I’m going to add you to my Guest Book. I’m told a Guest Book is an old fashioned blogging thing. But I’m not a spring chick, and this is my site…


  2. I have only now finished reading your most recent posting and I wish to add this reply to the 3 or 4 previous postings I have replied to. Just want you to know that I have a tendancy to agree with your chain of thought in the postings that I have managed to read. However, I am a slow reader and even slower typist so bear with me I am doing my level best.


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