This and That – Canadian Arts, Crafts

In order of descending stardom – here are some excellent Canadian Artists and Craftsmen:

For Better or For Worse
There are a few comic strips I have followed regularly for years and years. Some people turn to Self-Help Books for advice – I’ve always looked to the Funnies. One of these is For Better or Worse by Canadian Lynn Johnston. The strip started in 1979, and Lynn used the unusual format of letting her characters age. I haven’t checked in with this comic for a few years, so was surprised to discover that Lynn has gone into semi-retirement. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised – she is a bit older than I am… She does have a website and it keeps the characters and story lines alive for a new generation to enjoy. I was saddened by the news that Lynn, and her real life husband Rod, have divorced. When a marriage survives all those years of raising children, it should have a happy ever after, yes?

Yarn Harlot
One blog that I follow is called the Yarn Harlot. The writer, Stephanie Pearl McPhee, is a rather famous Canadian knitter, and writer of books about knitting. She wrote a post about adding heels to knitted tube socks. While I am not likely to ever knit a pair of socks, I liked the thought that I could knit a tube, and then add bumps to it afterwards. I’ve knitted mitts, and adding a thumb in the right spot was hard. It would have been much easier to knit a tube, then add the thumb where my thumb actually wanted one…

Travel Photographer
A Canadian Photographer by the name of Ken Kaminesky has some amazing photographs on his blog. While some artists paint so realistically that their work looks like photos, Ken’s photos look like an artist painted them. They are all wonderful.

One Deer, Two Deer, Three Deer…

The Deer put on quite a show while the Granddaughter (Wild Child) was here visiting. Thirty-six of them marched back and forth behind our yard, staying just far enough away to render the paint ball gun ineffective. Not that the Car Guy would have shown the Wild Child how to use the Paint Gun. She has a wicked throwing arm – she doesn’t need another tool in her arsenal when it comes to keeping her brother and cousins in line.

Wild Child, a song by Enya, paints a very pleasant picture of how you can interpret the term.