My Caption is in the Running

The Blog, A LEGO a Day, had a caption contest for this photo: Day 200. Seven captions were chosen as finalists, and one of mine is in the running.  So head over to his Caption Poll and vote for your favourite caption – hopefully the one by Margy…

I entered four captions in the contest:
– Ten… no, twelve rolls of duct tape should put this all back together again. (A Red Green reference.)
– This isn’t what I expected to find under the ashes covering Pompeii…
– “You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille,” observed Inspector Rogers. (A reference to a Kenny Rogers song.)
– All the King’s horses and all the King’s men are never going to find Humpty in this mess…

The best part of this contest was checking the site during the course of the day to see how the captions were flowing. One person would submit something, then another person would build on it. It was a good day.

Thanks in advance to all who vote for my caption, but equal congratulations to everyone who just plain votes. Voting is all about making your voice heard. It doesn’t matter whether it is a poll on the internet, or the people in the government – every single vote matters, yes?

Update: Thanks to all 24 of you who voted for me after I put out the request! I only had 12 votes before my call for help, so I placed a respectable 5th with a total of 36 votes. Now I can go back to penning captions for the Lego blog without the pressure of a contest!

5 thoughts on “My Caption is in the Running

  1. Good luck Midge. What fun! This kind of idea of developing captions is right up your alley, given all the wonderful Christmas letters over the years.


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