Lighter Shade of Grey

Black and white. One viewpoint or the other. This or That. No compromise.

Shades of Grey. Not Black, not White. Somewhere closer to a common ground. Possibility of compromise.

A Lighter Shade of Grey. Serious contemplation, but viewed with a more light hearted perspective.Yes, I like that.

Which is why, for a while, I named my blog – A Lighter Shade of Grey.  I like to change things around now and then. Especially the furniture. But  the Never Ending Reno has resulted in furniture being placed such that moving options are pretty limited. Once the TV was mounted on the wall, the Car Guy gave me that look that said, “Eternity, this thing is here for eternity”. And that pretty much defines where the sofa and chairs need to be. The Dining Table is rectangular and the Dining Room is rectangular. And so on. Close to Black and White now, actually.

But words in a blog – now those are nice and grey. Not like a book, where, once printed, the white pages and black words are immutable. Blog words can shift and reshape themselves as circumstances dictate. Today I can look at something and think it is light grey. Tomorrow, I might have some new information, and my viewpoint might change a bit. I can rewrite and give it a different shade of grey.

Grey – the Shape Shifter. Kind of describes my hair too…