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A blog all about hamburgers? The blog Everything Burger shows readers that there is more than one way to depict the everyday hamburger. The blogger, Char.L.Ton, presents burgers in just about every media imaginable.

Deli Sandwiches
Here is a deli sandwich little kids will love. It is made out of wood. I found this photo in a magazine in 1974. When I started writing this post, this photo was one of the first things that popped into my mind, so it is very possible I actually made it. If my children read this, perhaps they could post a comment to tell me if they remember playing with it…

The Best of Bridge
Billing themselves as Canada’s Favorite Cookbook Series, The Best of Bridge Cookbooks have been on my book shelf since 1978. They contain recipes that I have used for many years, and also a few spoof recipes such as:
– La Corneillle Ivre
Involves a 450 degree oven, some garlic flavored butter, a stuffed and trussed crow and 2 rocks.When you can put a fork through the rocks, the crow is done.
– Elephant Soup
Billed as being great for large ‘Gray’ Cup parties and democratic conventions and serves 50 score. The recipe takes up a whole page, adds ingredients by the shovel full, and includes lots of rum, none of which is added to the soup.

53-pumpkin2Pumpkin Carving
While most of us are content to carve up a pumpkin at Halloween, an artist by the name of Ray Villafane has taken pumpkin carving to a whole new level. His website includes a pumpkin carving tutorial for those who are much more gifted than I am. My pumpkins always look pretty similar to the one on the right, though I usually give Jack a broad smile, rather than a rather determined look.

Barely Edible Food
I made a recipe called Carrots L’Orange when the kids were small. It came from the aforementioned Best of Bridge Cookbooks. A cooked sauce made primarily of brown sugar, ginger, orange juice and butter was pored over hot tender crisp carrots. It should have made the kids demand carrots every meal. But the result was a creation that tasted a lot like fruit loops, which wasn’t really a favorite with most of our family.

Cake Wrecks
The blog Cake Wrecks is a daily compendium of photos of Decorated Cakes that make your mouth – well, NOT water, mostly. Highly entertaining.

Unwholesome Food
Assuming there is a reality show called the Worst Cooks, the authors of the blog Unwholesome Foods would be winning candidates. My favorite is TurDunkin’.

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  1. I’m sure I ate those carrots because I was/am the one that LOVE LOVE LOVE froot loops. I remember going camping and all us kids were allowed to pick one box of their favorite cereal and I always picked froot loops. I still eat them on occasion- now I just put some all bran in with it to get some nutrition!


    1. Yes, I believe you were the only one who liked the carrots. If you want the recipe, let me know!


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