Some Very Silly Spam

The Spam Catcher sometimes wants clarification from me as to what is, or what is not, Spam.

120-spam-catcherSpam 1 – The Spam catcher wanted me to read this, just in case it might be a legitimate comment:

“Attractive section of content. I just stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to assert that I acquire actually enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly.”

Since I have absolutely no idea what this person is saying, nor how to reply to this comment, I marked it as Spam and deleted it. If this wasn’t Spam, I apologize to the writer and congratulate them on their spelling. I hope they “achievement you access consistently rapidly” too, I think.

Spam 2 – The Spam Catcher asked me to review another comment today. It was concise and to the point. Not concerned with punctuation or capitalization, it read: “check it out bro”. Unfortunately for the writer, I don’t happen to have a bro living in my blog nor do I have a need to use the  Dating Service website. Delete.

Spam 3 –  The Spam Catcher had a quiet few days. But this morning, from a smoke filled room, it asked if I might be interested in: “cheap marlboro cigarettes online” I googled these words, and there are hundreds of different websites that contain these exact words, so I can see why the author of this spam would want to expand the advertising into another market. No Thanks. Delete.

11 thoughts on “Some Very Silly Spam

    1. I’ll have to try Google Translate on some of the foreign websites I’ve found.

      When I lived in the Middle East, I employed a gardener who was absolutely sure his English was wonderful. I only understood about one word in 20 that he said, and he thought Canada was a country that mostly spoke French. I knew he didn’t speak English well, and he thought I didn’t either, so we got along just fine.


    1. Okay, I’ve quit laughing now and can answer your query with a serious… no. I believe you might need to think about “Attractive section of content” as it relates to “accession capital to assert that I acquire actually”. You assumed that “consistently rapidly” was key to getting more page views, but I think that was a red herring…


      1. Wait, hang on, hang on – “attractive section of content” as in I need to actually write something people want to read? Hmph! What kind of get-famous-quick scheme is THAT?!


        1. Yeesss, writing something people want to read is a good start. But you already know that, ’cause that is what you do. So, you need to look at the get-famous-quick scheme. Are you a famous TV star who has become unhinged? That would make your blog pretty popular…
          I posted a story about Induction Pots and Pans, and it gets more hits than any other post. Mostly, it isn’t even pot heads thinking they had found an online source to order weed from… people actually want to know about induction pots and pans. Go figure.


  1. I’ve done wonderful things with oinky meatbots like this. I’ve used them for random poetry and for artwork.

    I don’t think they’re actually ‘people’ though, more like bots.

    I have your blog in my feed reader, by the way… hello!


    1. I agree that this most of the spam I am seeing is generated by a Spambot. Most of it is coming to one particular post. When I asked the WordPress Happiness Engineers about this, they said that they often saw this, and there was nothing to be done. When I send the spam to the deleted permanently file, it gets flagged as Spam, and that particular sender shouldn’t show up again.
      I’m glad I can surf the internet from the security of my home. If it was a real world it would be scary to meet a Spambot, I think…


  2. I had been saving some of the Spam messages I’ve received over the past couple of months, intending to someday write a post about them. I just went to copy one to include here as an example and discovered that they’ve all begun to wither and decompose. All that’s left of them are strange-looking URLs and some random letters. It reminded me of a bag of salad I recently discovered in the back of the refrigerator. I still don’t understand what these messages are supposed to accomplish, and what kind of people are spending their time sending them; I hope I never do.


    1. As you can see from the comments I got about the Spam I posted, the Spam was more interesting than anything I could have written!


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