This and That – Chocolate and Coffee

If You Don’t Plan to Die
I found this interesting blog about Death. It is called The Family Plot Blog: Funeral Planning For Those Who Don’t Plan to Die. Be sure to check out the Death Cartoons Category!

Death by Chocolate
When I found the website Death By Chocolate, I thought, isn’t this wonderful! If there is one way I would like to exit this world, it would be on my terms with a chunk of dark chocolate in my mouth. Alas, it is not possible to die from too much of this food product, though it is likely I could eat enough of it to feel like I wanted to die.

Sticky Notes
Post-It Notes – a 3 inch square yellow pad of paper with a low-tack adhesive strip on the back, these ‘reminders’ have several computer equivalents. One of these is a nice little program by Zhorn Software called Stickies. Easy to use, these stickies can contain text or images. You can even draw on an image sticky with this program.

If you don’t think of Sticky Notes as being a creative medium, you haven’t seen the cartoon Savage Chickens. The artist is Doug Savage. Cat lovers will want to go directly to the Cat Category.

I’m watching  Brier Curling on TV this week. If you want to see how the Chickens explain the game, go to this post called Curling Revisited.

Winter Games
Canada has introduced a new competitive Winter Sport called Yukigassen. Originating in Japan 23 years ago, Yukigassen, translated, means Snow Battle. It is a team sport, with official rules and regulations designed to ensure a safe event  for players, teams, and spectators. As in many sports, a sphere is involved. In this case it is a snowball with a diameter of between 2.5-2.75”.  Each team has a few walls to hide behind. The photo to the right gives a very rough idea about a snow battle – this one pitting The Wild Child and me against the three grandsons. I found it hard to believe that those little boys with their skinny little arms could deliver a snow ball with such stinging velocity!

That Morning Cup of Coffee
I’m not a coffee drinker, which in our family makes me a minority of 1. About  63% of  Canadians drink coffee daily. In truth, I do drink coffee, but not in a form that allows the normal flavor of coffee to invade my mouth. I am a Timmies Ice Capp drinker – small size, made with milk please.  What is your favourite way of ingesting caffeine?

6 thoughts on “This and That – Chocolate and Coffee

  1. So many choices! So little time to decide! This great! May I share this link on Facebook?


  2. We’ve been in Canada for almost thirteen years, and in that time I’ve watched a couple of dozen curling matches. Our older daughter started curling a few months ago, so that’s given me additional motivation to pay closer attention. And, in fact, I think I’m beginning to understand the game. It seems to have something to do with those big circles.


    1. Paul Gross wrote, directed and starred in a movie called ‘Men with Brooms’. Be sure to rent it – it might help you to understand the purpose of those big circles!
      We lived in England for several years, and there was cricket pitch a few blocks away. I would wander down there frequently to watch a game. I even bought a little book to explain what it was all about. I never did understand the scoring. I guess there are some things you just have to grow up with to get…


  3. I’m going to have to take a closer look at the family plot blog. I had never thought about the cost of disposing of artificial parts. Good thing silicone burns….I think…
    I just found a book by Jamie Oliver called ‘Get dead’ which is not a cook book! I had to read the back cover to make sure this was the Jamie Oliver I love.


    1. I stumbled upon the Family Plot Blog after I spent the afternoon at the Funeral Home with my Dad. The blog certainly makes me think about death in a different way. I will have to track down the Jamie Oliver book and read it too.


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