Spring Cleaning at my Blog and at my House

ToodadayMy apologies to all of you who subscribe, either by Email or RSS Feeds, to this blog. You are probably going to be dragged into my Spring House Cleaning. I am tidying up this blog – fixing spelling mistakes, dusting the photos, throwing out some stuff. All this activity could be recorded as an update by the Subscription Wizard, who might then insist on informing you that I have made some changes. So, if you see some posts that you have seen before, be sure to admire the spelling and marvel at the cleaned up photos, and then move on.

The Red House is also seeing a lot more of the vacuum cleaner and the duster than is normal. Normal – now isn’t that a word with immense variability? My children would tell you that Normal Housekeeping at our house was every Saturday. I made up a list (because I am a list maker) of all the chores that I thought should be done once a week. Then I split the list into four parts, and we would each take one part of the list to do. The next week the duty roster rotated, so that after one month, each person had done each chore once.

My mom had a different philosophy about chores. Only one person in the family did chores to her standards, and that was her. Children were messer uppers, not cleaners. She would send us off somewhere while she did the cleaning, and when we got home the house was spotless again. Even the top of the fridge was always clean.

I have one vague memory of a childhood rebellion that I staged because I was tired of being scooted outside to play every time mom wanted to clean. When she finally let me back in the house, I was armed with two handfuls of dirt. I told her that I was tired of her cleaning and I was tired of being outside. With that, I tossed the dirt across the kitchen floor. I think that got me another trip outside…

I like the appearance of a spotless home, but I don’t think it is a practical goal for my house. Instead, I use a bit of trickery. The front 3 inches of the top of my fridge might be clean, but the rest isn’t. The floors might look clean, but all I’ve done is gather up the dust bunnies with a quick swipe of a cloth. The whole house might smell clean, but that is just from those plug in scent things. The house might look orderly and tidy but – well, no buts here. Tidy is just something I have to do. I don’t function well in clutter.

Spring Cleaning – as close to spring as I’m going to get for another few months, I’m afraid…

There, I'm finished. Now it is your turn:

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