Irksome Things – Elections, Royalty and Climate

Irksome is a nice word that packs a lot of punch. It bundles up annoyance, weariness, vexation and tediousness, without escalating to rage, madness, or frenzy.

Here is my list of Irksome Things.

1. The Canadian Federal Election. Another $300 million dollars down the drain because a coalition of Leftists supported by the Separatists, want to get back into power. When it is all over, approximately half the country will be happy, and the other half will grouse about it until the next election. Then they will all badmouth each other (more than usual) for a month or so, and we’ll start all over again.

Personally, I’d like to see Political Parties abolished. Non-Partisan Democracies work in many municipalities in Canada. At the Provincial and Federal level, Political Parties just get in the way of representatives working together for the common good of the people they represent.

2. Royalty. Why is everyone so enamoured with Royalty? The last time the Queen visited our Province, we renamed a highway after her. I don’t think she really asked for a gift like that. It isn’t like she can take it home and put it on the mantlepiece.  I live not very far from that highway, and was quite comfortable with the old name. Now I have to call it the new name so that people can find my house.

Next up is a Royal Wedding. It is estimated that British taxpayers will fork out between $8 million to $32 million for security. Canadian taxpayers will be paying to send our Prime Minister to the wedding, then we will pay to have the new Royal Couple come to Canada to visit at the end of June. And they are coming to our province – I bet another one of our Highways gets renamed.

3. Global Warming – I was rather hoping we would get some of it. Then it morphed into Climate Change, and my hopes diminished. Change can go either way, yes? Regardless of terminology, about half the people think humans are to blame, and half don’t.

Regardless of whether you believe Climate Change is human caused or not, I was okay with the debate until  Governments got involved. If that isn’t a sure way to suck money out of our pockets and guarantee very little benefit in return, I don’t know what is.

4. Price Enticements. This is just a small Irksome, but I just got another begging letter asking me to renew a magazine subscription.  They send me a letter every month, and each time I hear from them the cost of the subscription goes down. It started at $34.65, and it is down to $19.95. Really, either the magazine is worth $34.65 or it isn’t. If that is what it is worth, then everyone should pay that amount. If that isn’t what it is worth, then lower the price, and let everyone pay that.

There, I feel better now. How about you? Any Irksomes at your door?

4 thoughts on “Irksome Things – Elections, Royalty and Climate

  1. I like to think of the Queen returning from her trip and her husband asks her how it went, and she answers that a province named a highway for her, and they both exchange a tearful hug of happiness.


    1. I think they both breathe a sign of relief, too, that they didn’t have to lug home a stuffed moose or several gallons of maple syrup…


  2. Great post! Love your perspective of magazine subscriptions too! A international concern I have too.


    1. Every time this magazine mails me an incentive to resubscribe, they have invested more in me. Yet they keep dropping the price. I’m waiting to see what the break-even point is.


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