Avebury Henge and Stone Circle

A post about a place I’ve been, and the resulting Unfinished Project:

Avebury is a beautiful little village in Wiltshire, Southern England. Much of the village sits within a large stone henge that encompasses 28.5 acres. With an extensive bank and ditch, and numerous standing stones, it is a magical place.

Wiltshire South EnglandSome of the remaining large sarsen stones. There were originally 98 of them. The diameter of the exterior stone circle at Avebury is larger than the one at Stonehenge.

Saxon Church of St. James in the village of Avebury.Saxon Church of St. James in the village of Avebury.

EnglandThatch roof house in Avebury. We lived in England for two years, and I think I have photographs of nearly every  thatch roof house I saw! I love how they look!

This is the Cross Stitch kit I bought from National Trust. It will be a nice memory of Avebury, should I ever finish it…

The kit was prepared and is copyright to M. Yvonne Iley (M.Y.I. Designs) as an exclusive design for The National Trust in 2001. The contact address on the kit is for National Trust and is listed as: National Trust Enterprises Ltd, Stable Block, Heywood House, Westbury House, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3XQ.

I purchased the kit in about 2001, so I don’t know if it is still available. 

8 thoughts on “Avebury Henge and Stone Circle

  1. Your thatched roof building reminds me of one that was located north of Comox, B.C. that I thought was a gem. During the time I lived in the area it was beginning to show it’s age. Makes me wonder now if it is still standing or if it has gone back to nature. Your pictures are great in my opinion.


  2. We moved to the south a couple of years ago and have driven through Avebury several times. Never stopped but promised ourselves etc. You know what will happen – we’ll move back north and then make a special trip to visit Avebury !


    1. We lived south of London for two years, and spent every single week-end exploring that part of England. It was quite interesting how many of our local neighbours had either never been to the places we went to, or had not been there since they were children!
      We had learned so much about England through our schooling in Canada, so it was wonderful to explore all the places we had read about!


    1. I’m going to add to the India story and photos some day. I have a friend who is living there right now, and though he doesn’t particularly like it, he certainly has some interesting stories!


  3. You just know this question is coming… Did you complete your cross-stitch 😉

    Nice images. I will get around to uploading mine soon (got a number of other places to upload first) The stones look wonderful in your first shot 🙂


    1. I wish I could say I had finished that cross-stitch, but I haven’t. I’m feeling motivated now, though!
      I’m looking forward to seeing your photos.


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