Alberta April Storm and We’re Snowed Under

Good morning, world. I’m sitting at the Forever Winter weather station here in Canada. In what can only be described as cruel and unusual punishment, the Snow Monster has unleashed it’s fury yet another time. As I write, 10 inches of heavy snow blankets the ground outside. And it is still coming down. Visibility has been reduced to just beyond the fence, and The Car Guy has been forced to abandon all plans of going to work. Well, he is working, but it is from the seat of the John Deere, pushing snow around the yard in an attempt to find the driveway again.

Before dawn, I braved the cold (well, not really all that cold) and attempted to dig a path from the front door to the Jeep. I had just achieved the front fender, a distance of only about 35 feet, when I felt a little ping in my lower back. In a single moment I went from being an able bodied person, to being an unable one. I retreated to the house, took a couple pain killing capsules, applied a cold pack and collapsed into the comfort of my favourite chair. I will be here for much of the day, should anyone be looking for me.

Jeep Blinking in the Dark

John, of the Deere Family, discussing the weather with The Car Guy 

10 thoughts on “Alberta April Storm and We’re Snowed Under

  1. I sympathize with your having received more snow – so have we! Thanks for sharing the pictures. It may be hard to accept more snow when we want so desperately to see spring after this past winter – but snow’s saving grace is that it can be so beautiful! Thank goodness we are escaping for a few days to beautiful British Columbia and probably rain. At least it will be green and there should be spring flowers!


    1. The Car Guy had a business trip to Victoria B.C. last week-end. He phoned within minutes of arriving at his hotel to say, “Have you given any thought to moving, lately?” I replied, “Go find a house. I’ll start packing.” I think I have had enough of the pristine white landscape… The sad part is, we have at least another month where we could get more of these storms.


  2. I’ve been complaining about the weather here in Central Oregon. But your weather is worse. I’ll be quiet. Bill


    1. We complain because it makes us look so rugged and strong… in actual fact, we just stay indoors a lot more than people who live in nicer climates.


  3. Thanks so much for visiting my ‘Careann’s Musings’ blog today. I’m not sure if you found me via the WordPress ‘Freshly Pressed’ feature, but I love meeting new people here in cyberspace. As a writer I keep my blog’s focus mostly on writing, but I post on other topics, too.

    I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog. Your recent posts about snow make me feel right at home. A caution to Evelyn who commented above: we have snow in southwestern BC today (Vancouver and area)! I woke up to an inch of it. Granted, most has washed away in this evening’s rain, but it’s the third snowfall in a week. ::sigh:: I’m SO ready for a real spring day!


    1. Yes, I found you on Freshly Pressed – congratulations! I find everyone on Freshly Pressed, but have not been pressed myself.

      I have family and friends in southwestern BC, and they haven’t been bragging about their spring as much as usual. I guess their spring has been a bit crappy too!


    1. The solar powered yard lights look nice too from under the snow. I’m going to try to get a photograph of them once they surface enough to power up again…


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