Pools of Light on Snow at Night

It is snowing out… again. The Never Ending Winter.

On the bright side, the solar lights in the yard finally got enough sunlight yesterday to power up, and last night they broadcast little pools of light all over the yard.

So, what is your weather like? Are you having a normal spring (or fall) or an abnormal one? Or do you live somewhere where seasons aren’t so distinct?

6 thoughts on “Pools of Light on Snow at Night

  1. Currently, I live in Africa…so I am not accustomed to the weather patterns. But from what I hear, this is average for this time of year. Mild is the word they use (if 90 degrees is mild…). But I do enjoy the contrast of your pictures to what I see looking out my door. 🙂


    1. I have a good idea of what your weather is like. We lived in the Middle East for a few years. I always thought we could have fried an egg on the hood of my Jeep on hot days in August. We didn’t try it, however. Apparently you need a temperature of almost 158F to cook an egg.


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