Phoenix, Arizona – Desert Botanical Garden – Bark of a Different Kind of Tree

There are lots of interesting plants and trees at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden, but these Art Installations displayed ‘bark’ in a whole different way!


Dale Chihuly Glass – Desert Towers – Welcoming visitors to the garden are the Desert Towers, which were installed as the entry-point to Chihuly’s first Desert Botanical exhibition in 2008. The installation was purchased by the Garden as a legacy to the exhibition.


In a transformation that is typical of his work, American artist and filmmaker Philip Haas created four large-scale fiberglass sculptures inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s Italian Renaissance paintings of the four seasons.  These were a temporary display at the Garden. The photo above is Autumn.152-four-seasons-spring

Philip Haas Four Seasons Spring152-four-seasons-summer

Philip Haas Four Seasons Summer152-four-seasons-winter

Philip Haas Four Seasons Winter152-philip-haas-four-seasons