Wild Life Stories from the Pond – The Elusive Moose

The Pond (and I am being generous in calling it that, because it is really just a Prairie Pothole fed by melting snow and summer rain) has seen lots of activity for the past few weeks. .

The biggest excitement this morning was the elusive Moose. The farmers around here often talk about seeing moose, but I only saw one once as it thundered through the pond and disappeared into the woods. But today the moose was just outside my fence, and though clearly in a hurry, he paused and looked my way. I think a moose has better eyesight than I thought, because I was still in the house.  I took my first picture, hoping the window wasn’t too dirty.

Alberta Then I quietly stepped out onto the deck. I got one more photo of The Moose on a Mission before he disappeared into the woods. I was not about to follow him. To put the size of this moose into perspective, it is standing right next to a four foot tall chain link fence.

AlbertaThe Deer have started hopping the fence again. They like to eat the new little tulip leaves. If I was the hunting kind, the hawks would soon see deer on their menu

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  1. Hi,
    What a great selection of wildlife so close to home. Love the pics, and the moose I find adorable (no moose in OZ) such a pretty face. How lucky you were able to get a photo of the hawk, well done.


    1. Yes, we are lucky to have so many animals drop in. Water is indeed a magnet for all wildlife!


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