How to Run in Stilettos – But Why Would You?

The truth is, you can’t run in Stilettos, or most High Heels for that matter. At least the average woman can’t. But that doesn’t stop some women from trying. There are many Stiletto Races staged around the world to raise money for charity, or to promote a product. One of the most recent ones was held in the Philippines. “Michelle Fernandez-Castillo, Maybelline New York Philippines’ senior brand manager, said they decided to bring the race to the country to help empower Filipinas. “The stiletto is the first thing that comes to a woman’s mind whenever she needs something to feel good and look good. Through this race, we hope to show the world how powerful women are,” she declared.

Yes, I can certainly see how the women of the Philippines will feel much better about themselves when they put on their stilettos. And they will definitely feel very powerful when they can run in them… Either that, or Maybelline is just using a clever marketing ploy to sell the Filipinas the same boatloads of beauty myths that they sell to the rest of the world.

The Stiletto Run is just wrong in so many ways. First, and foremost, is the fact that women wear those high heel shoes at all, and then run in them. Yes, I understand the term “sexy”. But why do women have to wear something so uncomfortable to be sexy, while the men watch in comfort from the sidelines? That, to me, says that the men are the ones with the smarts and the power, not the women.

Then there are High Heels in general. The foot, leg and back problems they cause are monumental, yet the number of women that wear them on a daily basis continues to climb. It is estimated that in the USA, one in five women suffer from foot problems due to wearing high heels.

Wake up women. If you want to feel good about yourself, put on a pair of sneakers and go for a walk. You’ve only got one pair of feet, and they have to last you a lifetime.

Courage is no match for an unfriendly shoe.
– Roger Moore, as James Bond –

9 thoughts on “How to Run in Stilettos – But Why Would You?

  1. Hi,
    Totally agree, stilettos can certainly ruin your feet, unfortunately a lot of Ladies don’t realize this until they get older and start to have some problems. Most men do like stilettos, but I wonder if they had to wear them would they still feel the same.


    1. I can’t imagine men ever doing the things to damage themselves that women do. Many men do things that might get themselves hurt, but they don’t generally do it in the name of beauty…


  2. to show how powerful they are? Oh, how ridiculous. It shows how silly they are to think that wearing, much less running, in stilettos makes a woman powerful. There have got to be far better, more meaningful ways to empower young Filipino girls than running in shoes that really are a symbol of enslavement to fashion and a stereotype of seductiveness.


    1. I agree! I had hoped women would figure out ways to liberate themselves. But they seem intent on refining their slavery.


  3. I have lived my entire life wearing sneakers. Once I bought a pair of high heels to impress some boy in high school and ended up tripping in front of him. I just never saw the worth in pain for beauty. Then again, I grew up a tomboy (had five brothers) so I’ve always leaned toward dressing down in general. My feet will thank me one day I’m sure!


    1. Maineiac- Now and then I wear low heels, and they seem like torture. I don’t know how women wear high heels!


  4. I could never wear them – the closest I ever got to ‘high’ was about an inch and a half in winter boots! But I’ve known – and still know – people who find high heels very comfortable and flats very uncomfortable and I suppose the fact is that after time their feet change in shape so that flat shoes hurt them as much as high ones hurt us.


    1. Hi Val. Apparently women who wear high heels all the time develop shorter calf muscles and a stiffer Achilles tendon. That reduces the ankles range of motion, which makes it difficult to wear flat heels!


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