iPad 2 – A Six Day Journey

It is not that I don’t embrace new technology. It is just that I don’t adopt it very quickly. My cell phone is a good example. Sometimes I turn it on, phone The Car Guy to tell him that I survived a shopping trip in The Big City and I’m on my way home to eat the hot supper he is making. That gives him time to go get some take-away. Then I turn the phone off for a few months.

So when The Car Guy asked me if I wanted to have an iPad, I looked at him skeptically. The thing had only been out for a year. And it was an Apple. Why would I spend that much money on something that might be only a fad, and would require me to Cross Over to the Dark Side? He replied, “We aren’t getting any younger. I’ve got some extra money this month. Let’s live on the edge.”

And so it was that we made the pilgrimage to the Apple Store and looked at all the wondrous things they sell. No iPads though. All sold out. Then we tried every other store that sells them, and the story was the same. No iPads, no idea when they would get them.

The Car Guy, not easily deterred from a goal once it is firmly lodged in his mind, navigated to the Apple website and discovered he could order one online and it would be shipped for free. I would have my iPad in about a week or so if all went well. Frankly, I found this claim amazing. I once mailed a letter in the town nearest to me, and it took a week to be delivered to The Big City that is a 1/2 hour drive south of that. And Apple was telling me that my iPad would arrive at my door in about a week?

So The Car Guy filled in all the blanks on the order page, then asked me, “How do you want it engraved?” I get engraving too? I thought for a few minutes, then said,

iPod, iTouch, iPad, iBroke
The Red House

And so it was that the order was placed on the evening of May 4, 2011, with shipment scheduled for May 7. Once we had a FedEx tracking number, we could watch my little iPad make its way all the way from Shenzhen China (Map location 1).

Maps © http://www.aardvarkmap.net/

From Shenzhen, it travelled through Lantau Island (2) and Chek Lap Kok (3), both in Hong Kong.

From there it flew to the United States, landing in Memphis, TN (4). And it was still May 7.

In Memphis, my iPad rested for a day. Maybe it took a trip to Graceland or went on a downtown bus tour. During this wait, the FedEx agents were busy doing all the paperwork in preparation for entry into Canada. This took until May 8. Then my iPad was on the move again, entering Canada in Mississauga, Ontario (5).

From Mississauga, my iPad headed west, passing through Winnipeg Manitoba (6) before arriving on its final flight in The Big City nearest us. Then it was loaded on a truck, and delivered right to the front door of The Red House shortly after lunch on May 10.

Six days to to get all the way from China to my door, with three of those days spent waiting on paperwork. I’m impressed… with the delivery. Not so much with all the paperwork.

11 thoughts on “iPad 2 – A Six Day Journey

  1. You will LOVE your iPad. I can’t imagine life without. It comes into the kitchen with me so I can read recipes off of it while playing music. We sit in the living room together while I play crosswords or mahjong. I take it to bed with me and read a book until I fall asleep. It’s the best little companion ever (except for a dog, of course).


    1. So far I have downloaded Scrabble, Spider Solitaire, Mahjong, Mr Giggle, Angry Birds, Sudoku, and a few other games. I put iBooks on it, but haven’t downloaded any books yet.
      I have the App for TED talks, a dictionary, the Weather, and PhotoShop Express. I haven’t done anything other than that with it yet.
      I scared myself when I clicked on the FaceTime Camera and saw myself in closeup…

      But I am going to write a post about all the things it will do once I have gathered intel from all you experienced users.

      What will Mr. deluxcanuck say when he finds out your iPad and the dog come before him as best little companion?


      1. Mr. Deluxcanuck is never home. He’s back in the sandbox so the only thing to cuddle in bed is my iPad with my Kindle app. And he’s the one who bought me the iPad so what does that say about 27 years of wedded bliss?


  2. I am so afraid of getting anything with internet that can come with me. I need it plugged in so it stays put when I walk away from it. How does anyone get anything done?


    1. I use a laptop, and it used to go with me whenever I traveled, so I’m already used to being connected. (My new iPad can connect through wireless, but not through 3G.)

      You are right in identifying there is a need to limit useage. I find that so far I am using the iPad to do the same things I would have been doing otherwise. When I want to play Scrabble, and there is no one to play with, I play it on my iPad. I have Solitaire games I like to play, and the iPad means I don’t need a table to spread the cards out on. I can read a book on it, which makes it great for longer trips when I don’t want to lug a suitcase full of books. I can look for recipes on it when I am in the kitchen. When I go to the cabin, where there is no Radio, TV, Phone, or Internet service, my iPad will be my music and entertainment centre. I see the potential of the iPad replacing a lot of other electronics, but time will tell.


  3. Hi Margie,
    I loved how you followed you IPad around till it finally reached your home, that was amazing. I would of been skeptical also about the 1 week time frame, what a journey.


    1. I expect this method of delivery will be become more and more popular. It sure reduces the need for stores and staff.


  4. Welcome to the light side, not the dark side! I saw you test drive my ipad in February, you are going to love it. Our school is just in the final stages of approval for ipads next year. So Fisher may be getting one too!


    1. If you have some Apps to recommend, please let me know. Tell the Wild Child that I spent some time playing Angry Birds, and I think I have the concept figured out… Not that it is that hard, but it is tricky to know when to tap which birds at what point. Then there is the trajectory thing.


  5. Your engraving is simply perfect, I love it. My husband and I are usually slow to jump on the high tech bandwagon. We still don’t text at all. My friends are mortified that I don’t have an iPhone yet. I have an old cell from 5 years ago that I use maybe twice a year. But the iPad is calling to us. We constantly debate whether we should take the plunge. We do own an iTouch and love that little gadget. We all love to play Angry Birds (if I can wrestle it away from my son)


    1. Maineiac – I don’t text on my phone, which is an older one too. My daughter is quite surprised that my phone doesn’t have a camera in it…
      My husband has an iTouch, and now I have the iPad. I have to say, they are both impressive gadgets!
      I see the iPad as being our travelling companion, especially when we are on the motorcycle and don’t have much room for things.


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