Draba and Daffodils are Cheery Yellow Flowers

Apparently there is more to the color Yellow than meets the eye, so to speak. While it can be a warm and cheery color, it is also the most fatiguing to the eyes. It can invoke frustration and anger, but is said to increase metabolism.  It can denote happiness and joy, but also cowardice and deceit.

In my yard, yellow means the very first flowers of spring/summer have appeared. And while this means digging dandelions out of the flower beds, it also means that the tiny Draba aizoides are in full bloom and the daffodils are boldly challenging the deer to eat them. Daffodils are fearless.




This photograph of a clump of Daffodils reminded me of a family portrait. See the one on the left. Distracted by something, it is peering off towards the fence. And the one on the far right. Heard a duck in the pond, and is craning its neck to take a look. The two in the back? They think no one will catch them sticking their tongues out at each other…