Draba and Daffodils are Cheery Yellow Flowers

Apparently there is more to the color Yellow than meets the eye, so to speak. While it can be a warm and cheery color, it is also the most fatiguing to the eyes. It can invoke frustration and anger, but is said to increase metabolism.  It can denote happiness and joy, but also cowardice and deceit.

In my yard, yellow means the very first flowers of spring/summer have appeared. And while this means digging dandelions out of the flower beds, it also means that the tiny Draba aizoides are in full bloom and the daffodils are boldly challenging the deer to eat them. Daffodils are fearless.




This photograph of a clump of Daffodils reminded me of a family portrait. See the one on the left. Distracted by something, it is peering off towards the fence. And the one on the far right. Heard a duck in the pond, and is craning its neck to take a look. The two in the back? They think no one will catch them sticking their tongues out at each other…

10 thoughts on “Draba and Daffodils are Cheery Yellow Flowers

    1. I’m sure you have tried to take a family photo and know how hard it is to get everyone looking in the same general direction!


  1. Cute post! We have a few small patches of yellow daffodils that grow “wild” around our property. Wild meaning we didn’t put them there and they are not in any kind of flower bed. I suspect that someone dumped out the bulbs at some point and they chose to regrow there. But they are amazing, they come back year after year. I mow around them until their flowers fall off, then eventually cut them down, only to wait for them to reappear the following Spring!


    1. England was where I came to appreciate the hardiness of daffodils. People planted them in their lawns, the middle of traffic roundabouts, along side of roads, and all sorts of other places like that. Each spring they would pop up, and as long as they weren’t mowed down before they had had a chance to nourish the bulb for the next year, they just kept on blooming and multiplying!


    1. I seem to have three or four different varieties of daffodils now, and they are just starting to bloom. They will put on quite a show!


  2. Does yarrow grow in your area? When I went on a recent garden tour, a couple of homes had yellow yarrow. There was also a beautiful yellow columbine and then my favorite, wood poppies with bright yellow flowers, a pop of color in deep shade.


    1. I have wild yarrow in the woods here. It is mostly white. My columbines are mostly in the pink and purple tones. Sometimes a pale yellow one will appear for a season or two. My yellow poppies are Iceland Poppies, and they grow like weeds in my flower beds. We are too far west for the Wood Poppies, but they would certainly be nice to have!


  3. Hee! Love this, thank you! Did you talk to your toys when you were a child? The daffodils sure have interesting personalities! 🙂


    1. Hi Val. I still talk to inanimate objects, and I personify many things. It makes it very difficult for The Car Guy to sell a vehicle that I have become attached to…


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