Weather Stone is Wet

Perhaps you have seen Weather Stones? They are, quite simply, weather stations for people who want a real time synopsis of what it is like outside. We have a rather elegant one at the Cabin on Antelope Street. It was constructed by the “Live on the Edge” Grandson and The Car Guy’s Sister. Normally this type of weather forecasting equipment would consist of a stone that is suspended from a rope. Our stone is far more decorative.

rock wireIt was wrapped with the aluminum wire that was discarded by the Electric company (after they repaired the lines that were brought down by a fallen tree, courtesy of a beaver that didn’t obtain a logging permit.) In addition to the wire work, various beads give the stone a very artsy appearance.

Yet to be added is the appropriate signage for those folks who aren’t fluent in the weather terminology of our part of the world:

If the Stone is wet – it is raining.
If the Stone has a shadow – it is sunny.
If the Stone is moving – it is windy.
If the Stone has white stuff on top – it is snowing.
If the Stone is hard to see – it is foggy.
If the Stone is gone – it is a tornado.

Here at The Red House, however, we use a an even more rudimentary system for determining what the weather is like. We open the front door and go outside. If we get wet, it is raining. If we see our shadow, it is sunny. If our head turns white – it could be snowing, but that isn’t always the case because our hair is white anyhow…

Today is a Very, Very Wet Day, which I could tell by inspecting some of the equipment in the yard.

rain drops fender green yellow redThe John Deere Gator is very, very wet.

rain dropsThe fender of the truck is very, very wet.

The old truck is very, very wet.

macro metalAnd the metal stand for the hammock is, yes, very very wet.

That ends the weather report from my little corner of Canada..

Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
– Susan Ertz, Anger in the Sky –