Angry Bow River – 2011

A Footnote to yesterday’s post about the Weather Stone – I have one more Weather observation to add to the signage that describes the weather scenarios: If the Stone is covered with silt – it was a flood.

Our cabin is in a river valley that has seen major flooding. In 1995 the flood was said to have been a “Once in a hundred years event.” In 2005 it was far worse than that. The Car Guy’s Sisters cabin survived both events, though they lost most of the contents of the cabin in the second flood. I expect our cabin did too, but we hadn’t purchased it yet.

Yesterday morning we got a phone call saying that The River was rising, and we had best go to the cabin and secure our belongings. Which we did, thanks to the family members who came out to help us. Then we joined the sand bagging crew. By 6 PM last night, all we could do was go home and hope the River didn’t do too much damage.

The River – a month ago during spring run-off.

The River yesterday, sandbags in place.

rock wire

The Weather Stone and its shadow. I don’t know if it got packed up and put into a safe place, or whether it faced the fury of the river…