Angry Bow River – 2011

A Footnote to yesterday’s post about the Weather Stone – I have one more Weather observation to add to the signage that describes the weather scenarios: If the Stone is covered with silt – it was a flood.

Our cabin is in a river valley that has seen major flooding. In 1995 the flood was said to have been a “Once in a hundred years event.” In 2005 it was far worse than that. The Car Guy’s Sisters cabin survived both events, though they lost most of the contents of the cabin in the second flood. I expect our cabin did too, but we hadn’t purchased it yet.

Yesterday morning we got a phone call saying that The River was rising, and we had best go to the cabin and secure our belongings. Which we did, thanks to the family members who came out to help us. Then we joined the sand bagging crew. By 6 PM last night, all we could do was go home and hope the River didn’t do too much damage.

The River – a month ago during spring run-off.

The River yesterday, sandbags in place.

rock wire

The Weather Stone and its shadow. I don’t know if it got packed up and put into a safe place, or whether it faced the fury of the river…

10 thoughts on “Angry Bow River – 2011

  1. I hope the sandbags hold back the worst of the water. Will be a different holiday for us if they don’t! At least 5pm on the sun deck will be high and dry!


    1. As of 10:30 PM it is believed the water has reached the highest level, without breaching the berm. This flood was caused mostly by rain. We still have a few weeks of mountain melt before the flood season ends. Too early to think we are safe…


      1. Who took the beautiful photos? I am keeping my fingers crossed that your cabin remains above the waters– but why don’t you send some of that liquid down here? Share? We haven’t seen a flake or drop in MONTHS!


        1. Hi Anita. Glad you like the photos. They are mine. Sorry to hear it is so dry in your part of the world. Unfortunately, the water in our part of Canada goes to the Hudson Bay!


  2. Hi,
    Isn’t it amazing how fast the waters can rise during a flood, and also the destruction it can cause. I hope all goes well for you during this time, looks like a fantastic job with the sandbags.


    1. Hi Magsx2. All it takes is one good heavy rain, and the next thing you know there is flooding all over the place!


    1. My observation is that once in a hundred years is only accurate when a society has been around for a few hundred years and can compare this hundred years to the last hundred. I would say the events we are seeing are once every five or so years!


  3. Oh my goodness! I sure hope you don’t get flooded out. We are fortunate that our cabin is built high on a rock so even if the lake does rise we are not at risk. We had forest fires in our area last year – we were a ittle concerned for a few days but we made it through. When you are told to submerge your propane tanks in the lake, you know things are getting a little close!


    1. Hi Ev. The berm held this time, but the flood season is not over yet! I don’t even want to think about a forest fire!


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