Grass is Crispy when the Dew Freezes

Here is my Weather conversation for today: The rain let up just in time! The Bow River at The Cabin peaked just inches below most of the length of the berm. Some water did infiltrate, and for now the 9 hole golf course is a 7 hole one, but with some pumping, and some dry weather, this situation should be fixed quickly.

Here at The Red House, we woke up to … FROST!


This patch of tall lawn grass was frankly bewildered by this. Frost! It was bad enough to be covered by a film of ice, but imagine having a tiny bead frozen to the tip of your spear!

Don’t knock the weather; nine tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while.
– Ken Hubbard –

14 thoughts on “Grass is Crispy when the Dew Freezes

    1. Hi Bee. Yes the weather stone was just fine. Not a drop of silt on it. We are high and dry! I moved the weather stone higher up in the tree, just to be safe. I suppose I could take it down and store it someplace inside, but then it couldn’t do its job…


  1. Frost! yikes I cannot imagine that. We are sweltering in mid 90s with relative humidity. I am keeping cool thoughts of your lovely garden covered in icy crystals in my mind to keep me cool.


    1. I think I would rather live in a cooler climate than a hot one. Actually I know I would because I lived in the Middle East for 3 and a half years!


    1. Actually, most of my photos are from my little Panasonic Lumix which is pretty well automatic. But I couldn’t get it to photograph the grass, even when I used the two Macro settings. So I got out my husbands Canon 20D and put it into Automatic close-up mode. It kept wanting to use the flash, and I didn’t know how to shut that off, so whenever the flash popped up, I pushed it back down and took the picture.

      You are right, though, about learning more about a camera. Even my Panasonic has a lot of settings that I really don’t know how to use!


  2. That is a bummer. My local greenhouse said not to put the tomatoes out yet, I presume for all this rain we are having. (The furnace is still coming on some mornings!) So I’ve been holding the tomatoes and peppers in my greenhouse waiting for some predictable warm weather. Still waiting…
    Check out The Good Stuff at:


    1. Hi Christie. Our furnace is still coming on most mornings too. I haven’t got my garden in yet. Not that there is anything that will freeze. I’ve just been too busy putting the mushroom compost on the flower beds, mowing the lawn, etc. The Car Guy is working a lot, and just hasn’t got time to help with the yard stuff right now!


  3. I adore these photos! I lived in Michigan (“fake Canada,” according to a southern friend), and these photos reminded me of my last home.


      1. It might just be my friend. He was trying to explain the regions of the US to a friend from England and came up with some interesting descriptions of the northern states (including “Amish live here,” “nothing,” “cows?”). I’ve actually never been to Canada, even though I lived about an hour from the border. Someday…


        1. Hi Odorunara – Your friends explanation of the regions of the US was pretty funny! In Canada, I would start with the West Coast and head east: “mountains”, “prairies and oil and cows”, “prairies and grain”, “vast stretch of flatish rock”, “politicians”… and so forth.


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