Clean Your Computer Day

Did you know that there is a National Clean Out Your Computer Day? It is the second Monday in February and it was originally sponsored by The Institute for Business Technology. The task for the day is to do all the maintenance things that keep a computer running well, including giving the physical equipment a good dusting.

Personally, I think this needs to happen more than once a year, which is why I’m reminding you to do one small task today. Wipe the grunge off your keyboard, and dust the monitor. I’m not saying you should attack it with disinfectant cloths. Just wipe the coffee and jam stains off the keys with whatever you can find. And then go give your hands a good scrub too. They will probably need it.

Now, sit down at your computer and admire your handiwork. A clean keyboard and monitor is like a fresh page of paper and a favourite pen. A new start, where the potential is limited only by… the cluttered distraction of all the stuff around you. Maybe you need to clean off your desk a bit too. When you are done, come back and try again.

There that is better. Now, doesn’t it feel just like the first day back at school, when you had new pencils, new scribblers, and a new teacher who didn’t know your reputation?

2 thoughts on “Clean Your Computer Day

  1. Hi,
    I could only imagine what my desk top computer would be like if I only cleaned it once a year, would I even be able to see the monitor. 🙂 Dust seems to accumulative in my place daily, it’s called the joys of living in the city.
    I just go over the computer, keyboard and desk when I’m cleaning the room.


    1. Hi Magsx2. I’ve seen keyboards that look like they have never been cleaned and monitors that you could write your name on in the dust!


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