Fog and Rain Drops on the Flowers

Fog isn’t a common occurrence here, but a nice thick blanket of it can roll in any time of the year. This past week-end, we woke up to an icy temperature of just two degrees above freezing, misty rain, and fog.

09-fogFrom inside the cozy house, the view outside was quite dramatic. With most of the background masked, the fading but still bright yellow Tulips and rows of Grape Hyacinth (Muscari) were much more intense in color.

09-pasqueTiny water droplets coated the fuzzy seed heads of the Pasque Flower (Anemone pulsatilla).

09-roseThis hardy Rose will have flowers much like the native Alberta Wild Rose, but the leaves have almost a blue cast to them.

09-poppyWeighed down by their coat of water droplets, the Iceland poppies draped over the small Grape Hyacinths.

By early afternoon, the temperature had climbed to a balmy 5 degrees above freezing. The weatherman was confidently predicting a temperature of 19C. Normally we wouldn’t believe such nonsense, but sometimes we just hope for a miracle and go ahead with the plans we had made.

In this case, it was a ride on the Harley. We bundled up in all our layers, and headed off to meet with friends. Half an hour later the sun broke through and the rest of the trip we enjoyed a relatively balmy 13C temperature.

I like days like that. The morning was so extremely different from the afternoon that it was like having two days in one!