Mother Nature’s Bark Defies the Beauty Industry!

Can you imagine what the world would look like if Mother Nature listened to the human Beauty Industry?

This wonderful gnarled old willow would have had a facelift or two. The bark would have been plumped and smoothed by moisturizers and botox.

This plump old Aspen would have been on a diet for, well probably all of its adult life.

But Mother Nature is much wiser than any human. She knows that beauty is everywhere and it is ageless.

It makes me wish I was a tree. If I was, I’d be old enough to be the lumpy, bumpy, wrinkly, crinkly Queen of the Forest! And I would be tall, too… 

12 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Bark Defies the Beauty Industry!

  1. Hi,
    Lovely photo’s, trees are amazing, especially those trees that are hundreds of years old, really magnificent, and you are so right, the first thing that would happen would be a face lift. 🙂


    1. Hi Magsx2. There is a wonderful book called “Meetings with Remarkable Trees” by Thomas Pakenham. I bought it when we lived in England because it is a memory map of many of the wonderful trees we saw there. The trees on my land are just 40 year old babies in comparison to the ones in this book!


  2. I wish I could be satisfied with my appearance the way Mother Nature is with hers! I’d love it if our society could be more accepting of these wrinkles and flaws! Lovely post, Margie!


    1. Hi SDS. I’m glad my youth and teenage years were during a time when there were far fewer beauty products on the market and there was not nearly as much in the way of an industry to hype them. There was enough angst during those years as it was!
      I wish every woman could find a way to appreciate themselves for who they are, and let who they are be how they look.


  3. Your creativity (photography and writing) is inspiring. Nature is wise, if only more people like you took the time to notice and learn. Thanks for reminding us all to pay attention and celebrate ourselves as part of nature! Great post!


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