What my iPad2 has Taught Me

Meet my new iPad2. It has a handy four segment folding front cover (I chose red, of course) that flips right over to the back side to form a little stand. When the cover is closed across the front, it puts the iPad to sleep. A very light sleep. It pops awake almost instantly if I lift the cover even a tiny bit. I know all this because I’ve tried to catch it off guard.

I’ve had my iPad for just over a month now, and I’ve learned a lot about the world of iPads and Apple Apps. No, let me rephrase that. In relative terms, I know hardly anything, but compared to what I knew before I got my iPad, I know a lot more. Briefly then, here is what I have learned:

– Not to put a bunch of hand lotion on my hands just before using the iPad – makes the screen very greasy, very quickly.

– There are over 90,000 Apps. There is no way to wade through that many choices in order to find what I might want. I get recommendations from friends or from trusted internet sources.

– While I can change the background for the desktop, the App icons line up in rows and columns, 20 per page and there is no changing the size of them or the number per page… I don’t think, anyhow. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it just is a bit of a reminder that one does things in a certain way in the Apple world.

– I tried out every App that came pre-installed on my iPad. I don’t advise anyone over the age of maybe 25 to open FaceTime, unless the magnified view of your own face is something that doesn’t startle you. Scared the hell out of me…

– An App called PaperDesk Lite has drawing tools. I’m sure I will find other drawing Apps later, but this one was the first I tried because it had a free version. I’m not an artist with pencil and paper, and I’m less of an artist with my finger on the iPad screen. Never the less, I was quite pleased with my first drawing. I called it Red Stick Man. His neck is a bit long, and his left knee has a deformity, but I didn’t want to start erasing things in case I broke the flow of the lines… I was going for a happy-go-lucky look, and I think I got that right.

Now it is your turn – what indispensable Apps have you put on your iTouch, iPhone, or iPad?