What my iPad2 has Taught Me

Meet my new iPad2. It has a handy four segment folding front cover (I chose red, of course) that flips right over to the back side to form a little stand. When the cover is closed across the front, it puts the iPad to sleep. A very light sleep. It pops awake almost instantly if I lift the cover even a tiny bit. I know all this because I’ve tried to catch it off guard.

I’ve had my iPad for just over a month now, and I’ve learned a lot about the world of iPads and Apple Apps. No, let me rephrase that. In relative terms, I know hardly anything, but compared to what I knew before I got my iPad, I know a lot more. Briefly then, here is what I have learned:

– Not to put a bunch of hand lotion on my hands just before using the iPad – makes the screen very greasy, very quickly.

– There are over 90,000 Apps. There is no way to wade through that many choices in order to find what I might want. I get recommendations from friends or from trusted internet sources.

– While I can change the background for the desktop, the App icons line up in rows and columns, 20 per page and there is no changing the size of them or the number per page… I don’t think, anyhow. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it just is a bit of a reminder that one does things in a certain way in the Apple world.

– I tried out every App that came pre-installed on my iPad. I don’t advise anyone over the age of maybe 25 to open FaceTime, unless the magnified view of your own face is something that doesn’t startle you. Scared the hell out of me…

– An App called PaperDesk Lite has drawing tools. I’m sure I will find other drawing Apps later, but this one was the first I tried because it had a free version. I’m not an artist with pencil and paper, and I’m less of an artist with my finger on the iPad screen. Never the less, I was quite pleased with my first drawing. I called it Red Stick Man. His neck is a bit long, and his left knee has a deformity, but I didn’t want to start erasing things in case I broke the flow of the lines… I was going for a happy-go-lucky look, and I think I got that right.

Now it is your turn – what indispensable Apps have you put on your iTouch, iPhone, or iPad?

19 thoughts on “What my iPad2 has Taught Me

  1. Hi Margie,
    I have yet to venture into the world of the iPad so I know absolutely nothing about them. But it sounds like you are having a lot of fun finding out how it all works. I must say that I adore Mr.Red, he is not only happy but cute. 🙂


    1. Hi Magsx2 – In some ways I don’t want to embrace new technology. But if I completely ignore it, I won’t be able to understand the world my grandchildren live in. So I guess I will just keep figuring out ways to … draw red stick men…


  2. Sorry to say that iDon’t have an iPad but iDo have an iTouch. iStill can’t quite figure out how to get the darned thing to skip to the chapter of the audio book iAm listening to and iHave had the thing for 2 years. iThink iAm iTechnologically Challenged.

    But iAm happy for you. Your iPad looks really spiffy!


  3. I got an iPad2 about three weeks ago and I love it! I’ve loaded a word processing program similar to Microsoft’s product, called OfficeHD2. It’s great. I have a Facebook and a Twitter app installed and the Book Library app. I haven’t explored much in the way of more apps, but I know there are way too many to use. I love the portability of this little gem. Oh, Apple, you people just rock my world!!


  4. You can group many apps together under one icon that you can custom name, when you are arranging them drag one on top of the other and then a new spot will be created and you can pick a name. I can show you how in July if you don’t master it by then, I’m sure you will.
    Check out: The Good Stuff


    1. Hi Christine – I figured out grouping and arranging all by myself. I was having trouble moving apps from one page to another. They refused to leave the page they were on. Then I found that if I pulled them down onto the shelf on the bottom of the page they would stay there and I could move to another page and put the app icon onto the new page.


  5. My favourite app is Crosswords by Stand Alone, inc. It’s pricey (about $10) but since I do crosswords everyday, it’s worth it. I also like my Insight Timer for meditation.

    I have Evernote on all my computers, iPad and iPhone so if I download a website I like (usually a recipe) it syncs to all my devices so that the recipe I saved on my computer this morning will be on my iPad in the kitchen this evening. I also am migrating all my ‘written’ recipes from Word to Google Docs, which syncs to my GoDocs app for the same purposes. Also for cooking, the Epicurious app.

    SoundHound is also very useful. You know how when you hear a song on a TV show and want to know what it is? You just have to hold your iPad (or iPhone) up the the TV and SoundHound will tell you what it is. Even offers an opportunity to buy it on iTunes right then and there.

    There’s a new app that doesn’t do anything per se but is pretty revolutionary – Waste Land. It’s an interactive experience of TS Eliot’s poem Waste Land and now when anyone asks me what my Master’s is all about I can now show them this poem as the poster child for Humanities Computing – an amalgamation of technology and great literature.

    And lastly, I don’t know if Nook is the same but I love my Kindle app. I can start a book on my Kindle, continue it in my doctor’s waiting room on my iPhone and finish it in bed on my iPad. It’s good in bed (what man wouldn’t love to hear that!) because it’s back lit so you don’t have to turn a light on and disturb your significant other.

    That was long-winded!!


    1. Hi deluxcanuck – Lots of great ideas to explore! Thanks for the explanations – helps make sense of how to use these apps.


    1. Hi totsymae – I had the good fortune of trying out my daughter’s iPad first, so even though I use a PC, I had a fairly good idea of what the iPad would do!


  6. I love my Ipad and yes, when I saw myself on Facetime (yikes!) I was taken aback but my kids and grandkids seem to still love me so I guess they were not too shocked.

    My apps I can not live without.

    Star Walk- Lets me follow the stars. Love it. I need the news so AP Associated Press, Huffington Post, CNN and New York Times get equal time. And of course Kindle. Got to have a good read ready. There are some others I crossed over from my phone but do not use them too regular. And my business, banking etc Apps. Dropbox is my app that syncs all my devices so if I am writing one I can continue on the Ipad.

    One of the built in apps I use regularly is Notes. Then send to my phone when I am out and about. Isn’t having a Ipad fun.


  7. I fall into that “don’t have one yet, but can’t wait to get one” category, so even though I can’t add anything useful to the conversation, just wanted to say thanks for asking the question. I’ve learned a lot already, and I haven’t even touched one yet. Thanks for sharing the info.


  8. Your post about scaring yourself with the FaceTime made me laugh out loud over here! You are a riot. It seems I got to this post a long time after you wrote this, so how are you finding your iPad now? Have you figured out how to approach FaceTime as you do a mirror….creeping up on it and never looking straight on?


    1. I keep finding new ways to use the iPad, and FaceTime has been a good way to keep up with the family. I will take your advice on how to approach the camera!


      1. I haven’t upgraded myself to a tablet yet. I watch my son on his, but it just seems too hard to switch to that when I’m just getting pretty good on non-Apple computers! You are a brave soul over there!


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