Canada – 144 Years Old and Going Strong!

Tomorrow is Canada Day! It will be our nations 144th birthday! Just about every community across the country will have a Parade or a celebration of some sort, often ending in fireworks. Expat Canadians all around the world will celebrate too! And if you are not Canadian, be sure to phone your Canadian friends and wish them a Happy Birthday.

For many, many years, we invited all our friends to our house for Canada Day. We had an afternoon of games and then a BBQ. Some years we played baseball or croquet or badminton. When we moved to the Red House, the most popular game was golf. We set up a 9 hole mini course that snaked around the grassy area of our property. We used 7 or 9 irons and plastic balls.

The course was always challenging. There was usually a small child standing right in the middle of where your ball needed to be. A strange dog would sometimes stop in, often retrieving a ball or two while bouncing from one foursome to the next to greet everyone. And there was always the vexing choice as to whether to carry one beer, a golf club, and a score card or two beer, a score card and no golf club. Lots of people, lots of cheering.

Though we still set up the Red House Greens course for other functions, Canada Day has moved out to the cabin. Our little community there invites all the cabin owners to take part in a whole day of events.

There is, of course, a parade. Many people decorate their golf carts for the ceremonial lap along the Main Street. The cart drivers throw candy to the crowd lining the route, and all kids go home with enough loot to last them for months. Just about everyone in the community has a golf cart, because that is the primary mode of transportation all summer. So technically, the parade could be very large, and there could be no spectators. But it never works out that way.

In the afternoon we troop down to the little lake for a “Regatta”. Rubber dinghies, canoes, home made rafts – all launched and raced with great fanfare and flurry, and the crowds on the beach clap and cheer.

Participant or spectator. Both are needed. Experience seldom required. Choose to be one or the other and go be part of something!

(Americans will celebrate Independence Day on July 4th so I want to wish all of my American friends a Happy 4th of July!)

17 thoughts on “Canada – 144 Years Old and Going Strong!

  1. Oh, marvelous! I always wish my Canadian Facebook friends a happy Canada Day, but this is the first time I’ve had even a glimpse of what the holiday looks like in practical terms. Thank you for this highly enjoyable post! (I’m still laughing at the golf cart with the Canadian flags – glad to see we’re not the only ones who occasionally go a little nutty with patriotic spirit. 😀 )


    1. Hi Bee – Would a country that calls their dollar coin a Loonie do anything but go a little nutty on Canada Day!


  2. Hi Margie,
    Happy Canada Day, it looks like you all have a lot of fun, it’s great that there are days such as this for Family and Friends to all get together.


  3. Hi! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I look forward to catching up on some of your previous posts!
    Hope you’ll visit often!


  4. I lived in Canada some time ago and so got to enjoy seeing how this holiday is celebrated. Thanks for the reminder of your beautiful country!


  5. All your (Canadian bloggers’) posts about your National Holiday now got me interested in Canadian history. I guess anything I believe to know about Canada is just clichés.
    And I envy you because of your flag! Ours is read and white, too, but why didn’t any Austrian come up with an icon such as your great maple leaf?


    1. So Austria is more than ‘The Sound of Music’? (I actually know it is – I’ve seen quite a bit of your beautiful country – it reminds me very much of our Canadian Rockies, except your communities are so much older!)
      Oddly enough, the maple leaf only grows on trees in certain sections of our country. Many of us have never seen a real maple leaf!


      1. Our relationship to ‘The Sound of Music’ is probably similar to yours to the maple leave: I don’t know any Austrian who ever mentioned this movie and I believe most Austrians don’t know it (including me) 🙂


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