Guests and Family – My Labour Pool

Eldest Daughter (The Cooker), Son-in-law (The Fisherman), and two Grandchildren (Lego Kid and Wild Child) will be arriving soon for a month of Summer Holiday. Everyone is gearing up for this event. A master list of activities is at the third draft stage, with three families still to provide input. Canada could launch a takeover of the USA with less planning!

When visiting family first walks in the door of the Red House, they are treated like Guests. They are invited to use the hand towels in the Half Bath:

But after the first beverage has been poured, and the first meal has been served, all Guests at The Red House are expected to morph into family, whether they are blood relatives or not!  In other words, they can pitch in and act like they live here – which I make very clear with the signage at the front door:

The Cooker will have no problem with taking over some of the meal preparation. She is a far better cook than I am, and for the most part would rather eat what she cooks than what I cook, I believe. I explain the discrepancy between her skills and mine by reminding her that I am of British Isles stock, while she has inherited that plus Slavic and Nordic genes. Genetically then, she must have got her cooking skills from her father’s side of the family.

The Red House is a perfect place to host guests. Three guest bedrooms, two guest baths – lots of room to gather or be apart. But it won’t be long before everyone heads out to The Cabin on Antelope Street, and that is where they will stay for most of the month. The cabin – one guest bedroom, only one bathroom, a couple of holiday trailers. The little kitchen will never close once six to twelve people settle in for the summer!

In mid August the cabin will suddenly be quiet. No children will whoop and holler as they hunt each other down with nerf guns. (This game has a hiding component, and a rock whose purpose I don’t understand…) The bicycle rack will silently hold all the faithful two wheelers that have traveled back and forth between our Cabin and The Car Guy’s Sister’s Cabin. The freezer door will close and stay that way, all the icy Freezies gone except the blue ones:

There is no known navy-blue food. If there is navy-blue food in the refrigerator, it signifies death.
– Erma Bombeck –

But that is a month away. Today I can only ask for a month of good weather and hope a boatload of mosquito spray is enough!

13 thoughts on “Guests and Family – My Labour Pool

    1. I used the email with your itinerary and added my suggestions in Red. Your dad added his in blue (but put it all into an excel spreadsheet…) The Bookkeeper is here today, so maybe she can add her itinerary (pink, maybe?) Then the Beader can look at it and decide when she will come to the cabin. Then we can talk to the Car Guy’s Sister because she will be involved in child care when the rest of us leave for the motorcycle trip…


    1. Hi Stepmom – So far the blue freezies aren’t a hit, but with different mouths arriving soon, blue may become the new ‘in’ colour!


  1. Having family come to visit is always exciting. Since my husband and I moved to Germany with our daughter I often look forward to visits from my family. I enjoy taking them to see the various sights of this beautiful country as well as sneaking in some great tasting German beer. I really like the signs you have around your house. Good to know that no one will be able to mistake your points of view 😉


    1. Hi freshrevelations – I know how exciting it is to show family a new country! We lived in the UK for several years, and it was always fun to take visitors to see the sights. We spent several weeks in Germany a few years ago – toured the Black Forest, then Passau and Munich during Octoberfest. It certainly is a beautiful country!


  2. An entire month! What heaven! I think the most I’ve ever gotten my kids for is five days in a row, once they left home. Usually, it’s less than that. How wonderful that you have a cabin for them to bunk in because, no matter how lovey-dovey a family is, an entire month together in one house can get a little tiring, I’d imagine. Enjoy, Margie!


    1. Hi CE – For Eldest Daughter, this trip is a return to her home town. With lots of family and friends to visit, her three weeks here will go by quickly. Then she leaves the kids here with us for another week while her and her husband go on vacation!


    1. Hi Maineiac – I’m a big fan of signs, the funnier the better. I had once thought I’d like to paint happy quotes on the wall, but it hasn’t happened. Mostly I buy signs that someone else has made!


  3. Love the B&B sign – may have to find one! I can’t imagine the whole family for a month. We just survived kids, grandkids and grand dogs for 10 days and we escaped every night by going to the sister and brother-in-law’s to sleep in their guest cabin. It worked out well. Oldest son and family left this morning and 2 hours out on the road they got turned back as the road was washed out. We had torrential rains yesterday afternoon and evening. I feel so bad for them. It is a long trip as it is without adding 4 hours onto it.


    1. Hi Ev – We’ve certainly all had some interesting weather events this summer, haven’t we!
      Our schedule for the next month includes a few days of separation each week with the gang staying at the cabin and us returning to the Red House. I think that will work well for everyone!


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