Oriental Poppies – Some Shouting in the Garden

Not content to fade to muted tones of green after the riot of colour provided by The Tulips, my garden has moved into the stage I call “Shouting”. This phase is led by the Oriental PoppyPapaver oriental – a perennial plant that puts out deep orange blooms that are about 5 inches across! Quiet and subtle – NOT! Held high above their hairy green leaves, these blooms will last only a few days. Once finished, the poppy plant leaves will wither and die, rebounding in the early fall with another flush of green, and perhaps even a bloom or two.





Speaking of shouting, I saw this quote somewhere, and it seemed an appropriate one to pass on to all gardeners who are mothers:

I will not have a temper tantrum,
Nor stomp across the floor.
I will not pout, scream or shout,
Or kick against the door.
I will not throw my food around, Nor pick upon another.
I will always try to be real good,
Because I am the mother!