I Should Have Bought a Cake

anniversary2I started this blog 91 weeks ago. For the first 62 weeks, I told nobody about my Blog. It was a place I retreated to when I felt like writing something down. It was my secret journal. I guess I didn’t really have all that much to say, because I only wrote 79 posts! But a few strangers wandered in now and then to say Hi, and slowly my little blog started to become more public.

My New Years Resolution for 2011 was to announce my Blog to Family and Friends. So in late December 2010 I invited the gang to stop by for a visit. Most of them did and some became regular readers, while some of them stop by now and then. But strangers keep visiting, and I keep visiting their blogs and truth be told, I now have some blog friends who know more about what I am doing than some of my non-blogging friends do!

If I really wanted to celebrate this milestone in a big, fat way, I would go to Costco and buy one of my favourite cakes. One is a Carrot Cake and the other is a Tuxedo Cake. Both are very good… except the carrot cake is the best… but I really don’t need all those calories, so there won’t be any cake.

Costco cake

Thank you to all of you who visit my blog! Blogging is a community, and I am very glad I joined it!

I believe the term “blog” means more than an online journal. I believe a blog is a conversation. People go to blogs to read AND write, not just consume.
– Michael Arrington –

24 thoughts on “I Should Have Bought a Cake

  1. ~applause~ Congratulations on your 200th post. Those cakes look scrumptious. I wish I had a slice of both to help you celebrate your milestone.
    I’m so glad to have made blog friends with you. Your blog is a pleasant and wonderful place to visit. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  2. Congratulations, Margie! Quite an accomplishment. I’m looking forward to reading your past favorite posts that I haven’t read before. I’m coming up on my one-year mark of blogging. I started August 1st last year. I liked the quote you ended with. Blogging isn’t just about reading other people’s posts and writing your own. It’s about the connections you make by doing those two things. It’s the response to each other’s lives you see glimpses of through the writing.


    1. Hi Lorna – Yes, we are a community, and it is just too bad that you all live too far away to drop in for cake!


  3. Congratulations!

    It is tough, isn’t it? Telling friends and family about these? I just the other day told my two oldest friends about mine. A lot easier telling strangers. Partly, for me, was my propensity to self-destruct and my fear that as soon as I told someone I’d quit; but also, it’s just that sense of “Welp, here it is. Me. Judge away!”


    1. Hi Byron – I think I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to see if I was prepared to commit to doing this for a while. I’m a Jack of All Trades (that would be a Jill or a Jackess, I suppose…), master of none sort of person. I was really thinking that I would blog for a while, abandon it, and tell no one! So yes, it was a big leap to say I was going to keep at it for a while, and invite friends and family to the critics table.
      I have found many very talented writers like yourself in the blogging world, and it makes me want to keep pushing myself to do better.


    1. Hi FR – thanks for visiting! I’m enjoying visiting your blog. It is interesting to see how you are developing as a person and a mother when your husband is absent. My husbands work kept him away from home a lot for the first seven years we were married, and while that was difficult, it gave me the incentive to be a lot more independent than I might otherwise have been.


  4. So true about telling your real-life friends about your online blogging life. You’re not sure if they are going to get it, if they’ll think you’re bragging – it’s surreal.

    Congratulations on your stick-to-it-iveness with 200 posts!


    1. Hi Ev – We had both the cakes at a recent birthday party. The Tuxedo was a good cake, but carrot cake with cream cheese icing is still my absolute favourite!


  5. Hi Margie,
    Congrats from me milestone. Isn’t it great the people that we “meet” in the blogoshpere, basically from all corners of the world. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and I look forward to reading a lot more in the future.


  6. Have you kept track of the #photos you’ve posted? Must be up in the millions! I enjoy ’em all.

    Congrats on a very significant achievement. You make ye olde blogosphere a better place. Keep up the great work!!


    1. Mark, you are a funny guy! Thanks for following my fence!
      I’ve posted about 360 images, mostly photos, but also cartoons by Ron Leishman.
      I’m going to keep blogging until I run out of things to say!


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