Painted Daisies – No Lackadaisical Flowers Here!

The Painted Daisies (Tanacetum coccineum) are quite hardy here, and though it has been said that deer don’t like to eat them, my Painted Daisies have been providing a scrumptious snack to the four footed browsers (White tail deer) ever since they bloomed!

I planted a whole border of these pink beauties along one side of my vegetable garden, and so far one quarter of the row has become ungulate food.


What I find curious about these flowers is that up until this year all the blooms have been light pink in color. Then suddenly this year, a few dark pink flowers appeared within one small clump. I’m looking forward to the possibility that other shades of pink appear when this year’s seeds germinate and bloom next year!

If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers.
– Doug Larson –

12 thoughts on “Painted Daisies – No Lackadaisical Flowers Here!

    1. Hi Mag – It was a pleasant surprise to find the dark pink flowers. I really liked how they looked with the light pink ones. I hope the deer don’t eat the seeds.


  1. They sure are lovely. I think it’s so fun when flowers surprise us with new colors. It’s sad that part of them has been eaten. You’re helping the food chain and ecological system with beauty and snacks, I think that makes you a good steward of your land. 🙂


    1. Thanks EC – I certainly would rather not have the deer eating my flowers, but so far this year the deer are outsmarting me!


  2. Lackadaisical–that was the first word I learned one summer on my quest to learn a new word a day. I think I was 10. I’m such a word nerd.

    It’s funny the things a simple, lovely post about daisies will conjure in a person’s mind…thanks for the delightful memory!


  3. Your flower pictures are always great! Nice work! I wish we had more time to keep up our garden areas. I noticed the other day the “unplanted” flower casks in front of our house have foot high weeds growing in them. No, I won’t be posting any photos!


    1. Thanks BRC – You are sure right about having time to keep up garden areas! Fortunately in my part of the world, gardening season is pretty short which suits me just fine, really.


  4. Lovely picture.

    Lackadaisical. Not a word I seem to hear much of these days. My gran used it a lot. Occasionally use it myself, and unless people are a of certain age, they usually have to ask what it means.


    1. Hi Carol – Welcome to Canada! I lived in the UK for several years – the word lackadaisical just seems like a word that would have originated in your country!


  5. Lackadaisical… hmmm.. is that word in any way related to oopsiedaisy…?? Don’t hear either one used much anymore.. words from another generation i guess.. lol..

    We regularly enjoy reading your posts including some amazing photos… Good on ya…

    Cheers to you and the Car Guy…


    1. Thanks Bob – yes, I believe the two words much be related! You are right, they come from another generation – ours or our parents, I suppose.


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