Our Harley Motorcycle’s First Adventure

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.
– William Shedd –

There came a day when The Car Guy asked me to be his Biker Chick (perhaps as a way to justify the handsome touring bike he coveted), and I just couldn’t turn down a chance to ride behind this dashing man dressed in black leather… It was time for me to leave my safe harbor.

Two Up Riding – I sit on the back of a two wheel machine that can accelerate to infinity and beyond before I’ve even noticed the light turned green. I trust The Car Guy and his knowledge of this machine to keep me safe… well, as safe as one can be on the back of a motorcycle, which isn’t the same thing as the safety of my recliner in the living room, or even the seat of my PT Cruiser, for that matter.

This past week-end we pointed the Harley west. After climbing through the Rogers Pass, we descended into Revelstoke BC where we stayed in a hotel that gave us a glimpse of this mountain in the distance.

As mountains in the Rockies go, this one is actually not very dramatic when seen in the light of morning. But the night before, we watched a thunderstorm sweep through the valley. Forks of lightning raked the sides of the mountain, and on two occasions we saw flames, then wisps of smoke where trees had been ignited. We watched the making of a forest fire, and it was both fascinating and horrifying. Fortunately the rain put these baby fires out before they could really get going!

From Revelstoke we travelled south to Nelson. At one of our rest stops, I found a gardener who clearly likes sunflowers as much as I do. One entire side of their house had a deep flower bed just filled with these happy faces!

Boswell British ColumbiaFrom Nelson we headed back east to Fernie. Near the BC community of Boswell is an impressive little home called The Glass House. It is the ultimate example of recycling, having been constructed from over half a million empty embalming fluid bottles!

Nearing the end of our trip, we dropped back into the foothills of Alberta. A threatening bank of clouds rolled into the valley. As the miles clicked by, we came upon a cattle drive. Knowing the Harley was not going to be stopped so I could take another photo, I pointed my camera in the general direction of the cows and clicked the shutter.  It is very hard to take photos when the wind threatens to rip the camera right out of your hand…

A ride on a motorcycle is not just trip, it is an adventure. Each time we take the Harley out of the garage, I think of Marlin the clownfish from Finding Nemo (Walt Disney Studios). After finally finding his lost son, Marlin is not inclined to let Nemo leave his side again. But, Marlin recognizes that he has to let his son grow up and explore the world on his own terms. He says to his son,  “Now go have an adventure!”

14 thoughts on “Our Harley Motorcycle’s First Adventure

  1. That is all TOO cool! That glass house is great! I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle, honestly its a little scary to me, but I’m sure a road trip like that is really fun. It kind of reminded me of that book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” which is one of those books high school English students are forced to read. As a kid I got through 1/2 of it twice but never finished the book. Oh well…


    1. Hi BRC – I’ve followed your blog and frankly I am surprised you don’t ride a motorcycle!
      It has been a long time since I read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I expect it is something I should buy for The Car Guy. He would appreciate both the ‘romantic’ and the ‘classical’ approaches.
      We recently watched a Canadian movie called ‘One Week’. It is about one man’s reaction to a cancer diagnosis (he buys a motorcycle and goes on a road trip). Talk about going on an adventure!


  2. Margie, I can see you with camera in hand, the wind whipping your hair in your face (like in all those sexy road-trip movies). The Car Guy and you sure do make the most of life and capture it beautifully.


  3. HI Margie,
    Wow what an adventure, I’ve never been on the back of a bike, but I know it would be fun. Looks like you had a fantastic day out, beautiful scenery, and under very difficult circumstances some great photo’s.


    1. Hi Amy – we are certainly very lucky to have the mountains so close, though I do admit we tend to take them for granted sometimes!


  4. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!


    1. Hi Laraine – Sorry, no Facebook page nor Twitter. But you can sign up to get an email whenever there is a new post. Or if you have an RSS Feed Reader, you can get the RSS Feed!


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