Grass Paths From Here to There

I’ve been experimenting with Grass lately – the landscaping variety…


A Single Blade of Grass – When I was much younger, I couldn’t whistle at all. My aunt could put her baby finger and thumb in her mouth and create a call loud enough that we could hear her half way across town. I could, however, put a blade of quack grass between my thumbs and if I blew at just the right location, I could produce a remarkable call that sounded like… just a minute, I’ll go outside and see if I can still make that sound.

Yes, I can still do it. It makes a sound that is a cross between an angry moose, a scared duck, and the first toots of a horn in the hands of a novice.


Going to Seed – Grasses eventually produce seed, most of which is a desirable food for some animal I suppose. I like the look of seed heads, especially since they linger long into the winter to provide a welcome relief from endless piles of snow.

Lawn Follies – This spring I embarked on a cunning plan to turn my back lawn into something other than an expanse of mowedness. I chose a simple form which I call a Grassy Path. I’d like to call it something more interesting, like “Wig Wag”, but that word has already been used for other things.


The Car Guy, who is also the Mower Man, has been very good about mowing between the lines, as it were. This is the Path as seen from the west end of The Red House.


Here is the path as it heads towards my garden and the playground.


And here is one border of the path in all it’s seedy glory.

Now the interesting part of this experiment is how people have reacted to it. Adults always ask me what it is and why is it there. Children ask me nothing. They just use it. It is a raceway from the house to the playground. It is a set of hurdles. It is a place to hide when they play camouflage. I use it like a measuring tape when I practice chip shots…

Next year I will undoubtedly create another grassy path. I’d like to do concentric circles, but I don’t know if Mower Man has enough patience to keep that shape mowed for me!

A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule.
– Michael Pollan –

Last photo –  grass seed: