I Was a Little Mixed Up – a Key Fiasco

I like to think of my behavior in the sixties as a ‘learning experience.’ Then again, I like to think of anything stupid I’ve done as a ‘learning experience.’ It makes me feel less stupid.
– P.J. O’Rourke –

Now and then I have momentary lapses in my attention to important details.  Whether I feel stupid about these, or not, depends on timing.

Tangerine PT Cruiser Limited Edition

For example, recently I put a key in the ignition of My Car, and it fit in just fine, but it wouldn’t turn.  Curious. I wiggled the key a few times, turned the steering wheel a bit, got out and glared at the hood of the car, and then tried the key again. It still wouldn’t turn. So I phoned The Car Guy and asked him (because he had driven my car last) why the key wouldn’t work.

He couldn’t think of any reason why, and suggested I drive His Truck instead.

maroon and silver
This is where the key belonged.

So I took the key out of My Car and went back to the key rack to get His Truck key. That is when I realized that My Car key was still on the key rack, and the key I was trying to start the car with was His Truck key.

Now, if I had NOT made that phone call to The Car Guy, I could have called this key fiasco a learning experience. But in my haste to ask The Car Guy to solve my problem, I had painted myself into the proverbial corner. I was going to have to confess to him that I was, in fact, guilty of doing something that was a bit stupid.

There was no glossing over the fact that I had mixed up similar and mostly congruent, but not identical keys. One key fob has a Ram head on it, the other doesn’t…

In the big scheme of things, however, this was a very minor oversight. I have committed many other such ones in my life. But to my credit, so far I have never tried to  wash the dirty clothes in the dishwasher, cook pancakes on the scanner, or tried to make a phone call with the TV remote. Things could be a lot worse…

22 thoughts on “I Was a Little Mixed Up – a Key Fiasco

    1. Hi Pensioner – I would have taken his truck, but it gets horrible gas mileage! I’ll have to see if my car key fits in the truck ignition….


    1. Hi Mags – You are right – I was on my way out the door to a dentists appointment, and I was running late. Clearly I was thinking about other things.


    1. Hi Jennifer – Sometimes I just have to spend a bit more time thinking about the details, and less time thinking about the big picture!


  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I think stupid is too strong a word for being a little confused for a while. Look at it this way, it made for an amusing post that gave many of us a smile. I think you’re just fine. 🙂 (I think most of us have been befuddled like that a time or two too. 😉 )


  2. Look at it this way. They both have 4 wheels and are meant to get you places. The devil is in the details. You had the general stuff all figured out. You’re fine. Now The Car Guy knows he’s needed. That was nice of you to reassure him…;)


    1. Hi CE – Yes, minor inconvenience, but as I get older I keep hoping that these little goof ups are not the first signs… well, let’s not go there.


  3. Oh, I feel for you! There is nothing I hate more than to admit when I have done something dumb to my husband!!!! However, I love it when he has to tell me!


    1. Hi Evelyn – I think my husband is so used to my mix-ups that he would be unsettled if suddenly there was nothing I needed him to fix for me!


  4. I see this as a very forgivable error…a key is a key is a key….or should be. It’s not our fault that car and truck manufacturers like to keep each one distinct to try to avoid theft as much as possible. Let THEM try to remember which key fits which vehicle! Then we’ll chat.
    Great post…glad you got to go where you needed to go in your own gas-saving vehicle.


    1. Hi Sylvia – Yes, I got where I needed to go, on time, in an environmentally sensitive way. It was just too bad it was to a dentist appointment.


    1. You are right – age doesn’t really matter that much – unless you are waiting to be old enough for the important things like getting to vote or getting the seniors discount at the restaurant.


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